Is the Purpose of Education is to Obtain a Certificate Only?

Education is a lifelong process which helps in the development of an individual’s knowledge and capabilities. For many years, the purpose of education has been limited to academic success and prosperity only. However, this tendency has gradually changed and education has been proved to offer dimension and possibilities since its aim is not restricted to academic achievements only.

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The majority of people in today’s modernized society think that the first and foremost aim of education is to obtain certificates. This conviction is brainwashed into the children from a very tender age. The mad paper chase prevailing at the lower level is proof enough of that competitive trend. Children drive themselves hard to obtain honorable mention in exams and they are motivated by their parents who exchange them in the path of academic success. Therefore, many students tend to find loopholes in the system that allow them to cheat.

The importance given to certificates may seem exaggerated to some, but it is fully justified. Certificates are essentials to pave the way for a successful professional career. They are the key criteria in the selection among jobs applicants. Since certificates secure a good job for an individual, they are also directly responsible for the salary he or she receives. A good salary turn ensures a comfortable life and results in a gradual improvement in the standard of living of the individual. This will result in a rise on the social ladder whereby the individual fully enjoys social recognition. Certificates are therefore important for someone to lead a prosperous life.

However, education should not be considered as a mean to get certificates only. Education has other broader dimensions which most of the time neglected or overlooked, but which are vital to ensure the growth of an individual. The transition from childhood to adolescence and finally to adulthood can be accomplished smoothly only with the help of education. Education prepares an individual to lead a fulfilling life. By imparting an awareness of the social ills such as drug addiction, alcoholism and prostitution, education helps the person to fully understand their consequences and advice on how to avoid falling into the traps.

The statement implying that the only purpose of education is to obtain a certificate in thus contradictory. This psychological influence should not be forgotten and is proof enough that education offers a variety of possibilities and opens out the broader dimensions that academic success only.




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