Proper Etiquette When Sending out Seasons Greetings Cards

One of the biggest things about the holiday season is the chance to send out seasons greetings cards. Your loved ones will be expecting the cards from you, and observing a few etiquette tips could make their experience more pleasant. Some of the most important rules to have in mind include the following:

Mail Your Cards on Time

The best time to send out your cards is in early or mid-December. Be careful not to mail them too early or too late. Remember that the post office gets very busy during the holiday season. You should, therefore, try to send out the cards before it gets too late. If you miss the deadline, wait to send New Year’s cards.

Include a Return Address

All your Christmas cards should include your return address. The most significant benefit of having a return address is that the recipient will know where the card is from. It also helps them send a card to you if they please. Consider using a wrap-around label with the return address. It is both functional and a way to give your card an extra touch.

Use Handwritten Notes Where Possible

Try to use your handwriting on the card as much as possible. This is especially important for the outside of your envelope. It makes it clear that you put a lot of thought and effort into the card.

Send Them to the Office

When sending out holiday cards to business associates, send them to their offices and not their homes. However, you can make exceptions for business associates that you know socially. Keep the cards as professional as possible unless you have met their families.

E-Cards Do Not Substitute Real Cards

Even though sending e-cards is simple and convenient, do not use them to replace physical cards. Your season’s greeting card should reflect an effort on your part. It loses its personal touch if all you had to do was push a button. Even though e-cards are easily available, they should not take away the experience of receiving real cards. However, they may be an excellent option for people who live in remote areas where sending mail may take a long time.

Include a Pleasant Message

Your holiday card should include a pleasant message and season’s greetings. Consider adding a holiday saying or a unique message to make your card stand out. The content of your card matters just as much as the general presentation.

Choose Your Closing

The closing of your card should be warm and appropriate for the recipient. Do not stuff your envelope before finding the right card closings. Consider your relationship with the recipient when determining a good closing. If you have a business relationship, the closing should be formal as well. For your loved ones, choose something more friendly.

Even though there are plenty of rules surrounding holiday greetings cards, you should try to enjoy the process as much as possible. If it becomes too stressful, consider taking a break for the year.




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