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Featuring bold curves, an anthropometry especially designed to accommodate relaxation, and a sleek, modern outlook, the LC4 Armchair – affectionately dubbed the Corbusier Lounge Chair – took the world by storm.

About the designer

Le Corbusier is not only an icon of modern design, but the reigning king of clean aesthetic. His multi-talented foray into arts included dipping his toes in the world of painting, writing, designing, and of course; being an architect and a designer. Influenced by teachers like Peter Behrans, Jose Hoffman, and August Perret, Corbusier’s aesthetic leaned towards simplicity, flowing lines, and absolute Purism.

Corbusier was a pioneer of modern architecture, and opened a studio in 1922 with his cousin Pierre Jeanneret. This studio lasted until 1940 and was ultimately joined by another architect named Charlotte Perriand in 1928. Together, the three of them designed the LC4 Lounge Chair, which was a culmination of a moduler system of proportions based on the human figure and the golden ratio. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about this chair.

About the product


While the Corbusier lounge chair was originally designed in 1928, it wasn’t until 1965 that this chair actually became popular. Its main selling point is that it has been specifically designed to enhance comfort. All of its curves and dips have been engineered to mold against the contours of the body. This chair offers several adjustable reclining positions thanks to its moveable frame that adjusts along the base. You can carry yourself both upright or recline relaxingly. Perfectly encapsulating the harmony of form and function in a single, note-worthy chair, the concept behind its conception was to accommodate relaxation.

The ergonomic intent and smoothly curated clean aesthetic resulted in a masterpiece of a product that remains a timeless classic even today. It’s a permanent part of the collection in Museum of Modern Art. Reclining in this chair is not only comforting, but also makes a fashion statement of sorts, given the immense popularity of this armchair.

About the materials


This chair delivered some very specific aesthetics and an amazing stylism, but it’s the unique material configuration that makes it such a wonder. It comes with an adjustable polished trivalent chrome plated steel frame that makes up the entirety of its structure. There are rubber tubes that cover the cross bar of the base and ensure the utmost stability. The black enamel steel base is complemented with a distinctly upholstered polyester padding. You can decide whether you’d like to go for a ponyskin, black leather or cowskin upholstery depending on the kind of interior design you’ll be furnishing it with. However, the headrest always comes clad in black leather in all fabric finishes.

Points to note before making the purchase


Here are a few things that you need to consider before you actually purchase this chair:

  • Purpose: The first thing that you have to think about before actually buying the LC4 armchair is this: what exactly is your purpose? Do you need an adjustable recliner? Why do you need an adjustable recliner? Are you going to use it as an accent or a statement piece? Is it going to be freestanding or paired with other furniture items? Only when you can answer all of these questions should you go ahead with the purchase.

  • Do you have enough space: This armchair is not exactly dainty in size. In fact, its multiple reclining positions ensure that it takes up a lot of space. Ultimately, you’ll need to ask yourself: does my home have enough space to accommodate its size? If yes, then go for it.

Suitable interior design styles


Here are a few interior design styles that you can seamlessly pair this chair with:

  • Modern: Because it was designed during the height of the modern era, it perfectly encompasses the purist aura of this style and would look gorgeous in such a setting.

  • Contemporary: The iconic stature and styling of this chair would look brilliant is an otherwise unique setting of the contemporary style.

  • Eclectic: The bold dips and curves of this chair could easily become the highlight of a mismatched, highly unique eclectic style home interior.

So, these were all the details and stylistic consequences of the Corbusier Lounge Chair that everyone needs to know about in order to experiment with it. We hope you now have a better idea on how to make the most of this product.



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  1. How do you make the seat fit the base – should they be attached to each other somehow, please? Mine just slides about on top of the base and eventually throws me off!


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