Planning a Vacation on a Budget

Like many people, you desire to take a vacation. Quite like a considerable number of people thinking about a vacation, you have a limited amount of money you can expend on travel. Understanding this common reality, there are some strategies you should consider employing as a means of having a great vacation on a budget. Included in this article are some helpful, and sometimes overlooked, strategies you can utilize when traveling on a budget.

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Plan Your Meals

One consistently overlooked tactic when planning a vacation on a budget is failing to do advance planning in regard to meals. As part of your overall vacation planning, include making meal-related decisions into the mix.

For example, as you plan other aspects of your vacation travels, do some preplanning regarding meals. Thanks to the internet, you are able to examine the dining options in any city to which you are likely to travel on your vacation. Through this process, you can select certain restaurants and bistros in advance of taking your trip. By taking this course, you are better able to control the amount of money spent on dining.

Of course, when you are traveling, you will come upon an interesting place to eat. You don’t want to fail to take advantage of such an opportunity. However, by making proactive decision about a good share of your meals while traveling, you will establish some meaningful parameters regarding money spend on food and dining while on vacation.

As an aside, advance food and dining planning also enhances the prospect that you will eat in a more healthy manner while traveling. If you maintain healthy eating practices at home, you do not need to abandon them entirely when on vacation.

Another meal related tactic, that can save you a notable amount of money while on vacation, is to prepare at least some of your travel meals on your own. Not only does this assist you in maintaining a health diet, but you potentially can save a considerably amount of money by employing this strategy as well.

Car Rental Strategy

When traveling on vacation, there are a number of important strategies that you should employ in regard to renting a car. The most important of these strategies is to develop a plan through which you pick up and return a rental car to the same location.

The reality is that if you rent a car at one location and return it somewhere else, you face the prospect of increasing your rental fees. Indeed, you are likely to end up paying twice the standard rate for this type of arrangement.

The best way to avoid this enhanced rental fee is to rent a car in each specific location you will be during your vacation. For example, if you will be in two particular cities during your vacation, arrange for a car rental in each location. If you’re looking for RV rental prices, same story.

Of course, you will need to arrange for travel between the two cities. In this regard, consider bus service or even a train. Employing these travel alternatives between cities are likely to be more cost effective than renting a car at one location and returning it to another. The one caveat is if you are traveling with more than one other individual. In such a situation, the cost of arranging alternate travel arrangements for the whole crew may prove more expensive than what can be saved on a car rental that involve different pickup and return destinations.

Reserve Lodgings Away from a Prime Vacation Destination

A major cost associated with a vacation, in many cases, is lodging. Hotels, and even motels, can prove to be the most costly element of a vacation. Indeed, if you don’t strategize, lodging costs can blowup your travel budget.

One tactic to utilize is to obtain lodging away from a prime resort or vacation destination, and sites like TripHobo can make planning this a lot easier. In simple terms, consider booking a hotel in the “next town over.” By moving yourself out of the prime vacation location as far as lodging is concerned, you can end up saving what adds up to a noticeable amount of money.

Yes, you will have to spend a bit more time traveling to prime attractions during your vacation. But, the money saved (and the scenery you may be able to take in through the process) will prove worth it.

In the final analysis, there is no reason why you cannot plan and enjoy a magnificent vacation on a budget. With proactive planning and creativity, you will be able to make your vacation dollars go far.

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