Personalized Gifts That Are Perfect for a Newborn

Shopping for a gift to give to a couple who just had their first child can be a fun process. Personalizing a gift makes it all the more special to the recipient. This adds more significance to a gift that will likely turn into a keepsake for the parents as their baby grows older. Consider some examples of baby gifts that are perfect for personalization.

A Picture Frame

A sturdy picture frame is a traditional gift that the parents of a newborn always appreciate. One that features the name of the baby and his or her birthdate is sure to be an instant favorite. Most new parents like to take lots of photographs of their baby. Not surprisingly, the picture in the frame is likely to change every few weeks. A colorful picture frame with an appealing design is something parents can treasure.

Decorative Pillows

Many parents choose a color theme before decorating their child’s nursery. They paint the walls in a certain color and purchase a crib and other furnishings that follow along with the theme. A soft decorative pillow is always a welcoming sight on a rocking chair or table in a nursery. A pillow that features the baby’s name lends even more warmth to the room. If they decorated the nursery in pale blue, you may want to choose a pillow in that color. Your thoughtful gift will add an extra element of beauty to the nursery. is one example of a store that offers personalized decorative pillows as gifts.

A Blanket

A blanket is another traditional gift given to parents with a newborn. A personalized blanket made of soft, durable fabric is something that can soothe a child as he or she sleeps or relaxes in the crib. Furthermore, it’s a gift that will become a keepsake for the parents as the child grows older. They may even give the blanket to their child when he or she is grown. It could become a family tradition to add a new name to the blanket and pass it on to newest member of the family!

Finally, a personalized baby gift shows a couple that you share their joy and want to be a part of the life of their child. They’re sure to remember the thoughtful gift you gave them during such a happy time in their lives.

What personalized gift do you give a couple who is expecting a newborn?



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  1. Three great ideas! Personalized baby gifts are so sweet to receive. Matching the gift to the colors or theme of the nursery is such a thoughtful touch. A personalized pillow or blanket like you mentioned could also be a special addition to include in monthly baby photos.


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