Organization is Key

If you look at my Pinterest page you’ll see I follow anyone’s ORGANIZATION board. I am big on gaining ideas for organization. Although, if you look in my home you won’t see a lot of it. However, that has more to do with not having the funds to dish out for the containers to be more organized than it has to do with lack of desire to do it!!!

If Del and I ever sell our lovely little home in Bamberg, SC, then one of the only things I’m guaranteed to get out of it is my kitchen redone. One of the things I’d love to have is a set of rev-a-shelf all over my kitchen!! To have order in my kitchen would be such a wonderful thing. This site has so many things I’d love to have all over my kitchen.

They also have other things for the house that would be of benefit for me to get as well. Of course, that requires me being rich, and I doubt that I’ll ever get rich, but one can dream. 🙂




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I'm Crystal. I'm married to Dale, and mother to Johnny.Some might say that my life is perfect because I get to do all the cliché wife things like cooking, cleaning, and decorating - but there's more! I also have many hobbies including needlework (crochet), sewing, and reading. My son's education is important, so we homeschool him together.

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