Not Sure How to React

I’m in complete total shock over the incident from Newtown, CT shooting. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to go on a shooting spree with young kids (or really anywhere) for that matter. I didn’t hear about it until really late last night.

I can’t begin to imagine how these families feel!!! I have to say this would definitely surpass anything I’ve ever experienced in my life. I pray daily that I never have to experience the death of any of my kids, but that doesn’t guarantee it will not happen.

I know many people don’t want to hear a “sermon” like blog from me right now, but one day it may become your saving grace.

Our kids are truly a blessing and a gift from God. Everything we have or are able to do is a result of him giving us the skills, capabilities, and means by which to make them happen. God may allow a lot of things to happen throughout the course of our lives, but I assure you that he has a plan for all of those things. He turns everything bad into something positive even if may be “in his timing” in which that happens.

Please know that God is not punishing these particular families. He is preparing or using those families for a particular task at some point or another.God has a plan and one day he will reveal his plans for these families. In the mean time these families have to find a way to be able to go on with their lives.

It’s a lot easier to do that when you keep your faith in God strong. When I gave up my first born for adoption, I went into such a harsh depression I didn’t know if I was going to come back through it. However, I did remind myself daily that my kids truly belong to God first and foremost. I also was able to hang onto the faith that I’d see her again one day (and I still have that hope.) However, these families don’t have that hope UNLESS they are believers of God. Then they will definitely see their kids again one day in heaven.

Sometimes believing in God and having faith in him is put to some of the hardest tests we can endure. I can’t stand the fact that God has been taken out of our daily rituals so much to the point that when someone like myself does talk about him during the hard times that it becomes an issue.


This image was posted on Facebook by a friend of mine, and I shared it because I happen to feel that God not being in our schools, courtrooms, and our daily lives has drastically changed our world for the negative.

Please know that my heart breaks for these families. I’m not saying that my faith would make it so that I could just accept it and go on. I’d be filled with the why questions, the how ones, and so many more. However, what my faith would give me is peace of mind knowing that I WILL ONE DAY get those very answers. I would also gain the strength to go on with my life even with a void in my heart over the situation. One day, I’d be able to find happiest again in being alive and living.

So, to all of those families who are suffering right now. Yes, I will be praying hard for you and you will be in my thoughts a great deal. When I say those words, I mean them with sincerity. They are not just words that throw out there.




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