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We had the pleasure of playing football TONIGHT   since Nerf created a football with special glasses that allows us to see the ball at night. We got the Nerf football and the red and green lighted glasses to try out.

The men and the boys had a blast playing football in the dark. It’s definitely a lot cooler at night around here this time of year. Plus by the time all of our errands, homework, dinner, and everything else got done it was already dark. It was nice to give the boys a chance to use up their excess energy before they had to officially call it a night. When the time changes, this new toy will come in handy BIG time because they will still be able to play outside and do something they enjoy.

The only negative aspect of it was with the red lights it wasn’t quite as easy to see the ball as it was with the green lights. I could tell a difference just by being a bystander between the quality of seeing the ball with the different lights. Regardless though, it was a LOT of fun. The boys are super excited that they get to play again in the future.

Thank you Nerf for giving us the chance to review this product. It will definitely get a lot use in this household. It is also a great gift to consider getting your kids for Christmas!!! (Christmas is coming up close on us.)



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  1. That’s so awesome! My boys (especially my husband!) love nerf! Thanks for the review because we ARE starting to think about Christmas, and this looks like a winner!

    I’m also stopping by to let you know I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award!


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