Neighbor Christmas Wonderland

One of my Christmas traditions is to take my kids to see as many Christmas lights as possible. I have taken them to Saluda Shoals Christmas lights all the way in Columbia, SC (which for us is an hour drive one way.) Granted, we had a lot of fun there, but it was an expensive trip. I was trying to find Christmas lights close to home. Shockingly enough, there was hardly anyone with Christmas lights decorating their yard. Then I found a house close to us that was decked out in Christmas lights.

This post was going to be all about my disappointment in not finding houses filled with Christmas lights to drive around and show my kids lights. However, God had a plan! He knew what he was doing by not steering me to the housing areas that are covered in Christmas lights.

We made new friends today thanks to my desire to showcase this neighbors wonderful Christmas Wonderland. Little did I know, that their house is covered in Christmas decorations all throughout their home and yard. Ironically enough they have grandkids close to age of my kids too. They also have horses, and if you’ve read my blog long enough then you know horses mean a great deal to me.

I tried to capture their front yard with my camera, but I’m not a photographer by any means so it failed. However, I got enough of the essence of their Christmas decorations for you to see how nice it was. We don’t have a single ounce of Christmas decorations up in our home yet (except for a door covering.) We are getting a real tree this year which I’m totally utterly excited about! However, my kids have never really see Christmas decorations up close and personal like that.

My Neighbor Christmas Memory As a Kid

I know when I was like nine years old one of my neighbors decorated her home like my new neighbors does. She would spend weeks before Christmas baking loads and loads of cookies. Then she would host a big HUGE Christmas party. One year I had the distinct pleasure of baking cookies with her, and I LOVED every minute. It was one of my most favorite Christmas memories living down here.

My new neighbor’s home reminds me of this wonderful childhood memory. This couple is also really remarkable, and I look forward to gaining a lasting friendship with them. God works in mysterious ways. I feel like this is a Christmas gift to my kids and me.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and the small video even though I was trying to be creative yet again and turned it sideways in the wrong moments. One day I will conquer using the camera better!!

Do you have a lot of Christmas Wonderlands to show your kids around your area without paying for it?




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    • Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you enjoyed this post. I was wanting to capture this with more detail than I managed to do it. This family puts a lot into their Christmas decorations. It’s clear this family is filled with love.

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