Need for Speed Movie Review #NSFMovie

This is NOT a sponsored post in anyway and I didn’t even add affiliate links of any kind. This is just me talking about a movie that I got to review.

Del and I have been itching to see Need for Speed the movie since we saw the first preview of it on  TV.

Here’s a bit of the back story for us and our excitement over this movie:

As you know, Del is an AVID video gamer (he really should get a job paying him to play video games because then we’d be millionaires for sure!) We own ALL of the Need for Speed video games. It’s not just him that gets into these games. It turns into a FAMILY trip on the roads of the game. Since we have big screen TVs and a nice surround system that can give you the feeling of literally being  a part of the action, when he plays these games we all feel like we’re playing it and on the ride of our life. Our absolute favorite Need for Speed game is Need for Speed Most Wanted.

Need for Speed Review

We weren’t able to hit the theater on opening day, but we did finally get there on Sunday. We were pumped up and ready for some speeding, car destroying, and thrilling action. We got some of that, but not nearly as much as we were expecting to see. In fact that first half of the movie, was very long and drawn out. (The same complaint I have with the Transformers movies.) I realize we needed the back story to fully appreciate the last half of the movie, but I think they could have presented it in a different and shorter manner.

This movie is still good, and I would still recommend it for anyone who enjoys action movies. If you have a Need for Speed fan in your household they are sure to enjoy it too. However, would I pay the outrageous movie theater ticket prices to go see it with my family for it, NO. It is one that I can enjoy in the comfort of my own home.  I could hold this opinion because I had built it up a lot in my mind.

Theater Worthy Movie 

Now if you want a movie theater worthy movie to watch, I highly recommend Non-Stop! This is a movie that is chair gripping almost from the start and it doesn’t stop until the very end. It was a great drama with just enough action in it to make it really enjoyable. This movie is one of those that sticks with the viewer long after they’ve seen it. My mother-in-law and I enjoyed watching this movie with great intensity. Non-Stop is one of those movies that is made up, but it very well could happen in real life too. It’s bone chilling good.

I hope this helps you with making your decision over what movies to go see in your local theater in the coming weeks.

Have you seen either of these movies yet? What is your opinion of them? 




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14 comments on “Need for Speed Movie Review #NSFMovie”

    • It is an interesting movie, but it is DVD worthy for sure. Non-Stop on the other hand is a great movie worth making an effort to go see.

  1. My mother-in-law just went to see the movie and said the same thing. It is a movie that she would rather have waited to see on Blu-Ray at home. But she said the cars were pretty nice!

  2. I loved the Need for Speed video games, but I honestly don’t really get into action movies. I have a sister that will love this movie, though. 🙂

  3. It seems like an action packed movie that should be seen in a theater for extra enjoyment. I haven’t had the chance to see it yet. I might rent it soon!

    • I thought so too going off of the previews, but it’s actually suitable to just watch it at home. It’s still a great movie, but not worth dishing out the high dollar cost of going to a theater to see.

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