My Wife’s Moms Night Out

I give my wife permission over a month ago to see Mom’s Night Out in the theater ahead of time for the blog. So, she takes my mother to go see Mom’s Night Out with her. They leave at around 4pm because they are supposed to be there at 6:30pm to watch the movie and because I knew they would want to eat out. Which they go out to eat with no kids or husbands, just them. Then they go to the theater, where there are no kids or husbands, to watch Mom’s Night Out.


Oh low and behold, they don’t watch Mom’s Night Out because it wouldn’t play. So instead of coming home and being with the kids and be with the family. The Mom’s take a Mom’s Night Out…to go see Nonstop without the kids or the husband. Then I find out that  even the roof coming down doesn’t stop them from watching Nonstop. Just makes me think  of the chickens saying…the sky is falling. The audience  just stop and look and go right back to the movie.

It must be a great movie because no one thinks about their safety. I don’t understand that, life is life and a movie is a movie. Now I HAVE to go see this movie to see what captivated an entire audience from the roof is falling to ahh…forget it I’m watching this. And taking forever to get to done to come home, when they were supposed to be home around 10pm. The movie was so great that they didn’t even make home until around midnight.

They make the movie Hall Pass, nah..that’s not good enough. It needs to be a Mom’s Pass. The Mom’s Pass obviously holds more meaning.

Who says life doesn’t imitate the movies? You pick a title and I’m pretty sure somebody is doing it. The Mom’s Night Out and the Mom’s Nights Out. Hubby’s left changing the diapers, listening to the whining, and cooking. Which would have been fine and dandy if they had seen the Mom’s Night Out movie as planned. No, they Hemmed  hauled around and didn’t  tell their husband what they were doing until after the fact.

What does a Mom’s Night Out look like in your household? 



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  1. I am I guess a mom? I have 5 furbabies. Um. When I go out, I usually just go to see a movie but there are no movies now that I wanna see. Something else that I do instead of the movie is I also go shopping and that is usually in Richmond which is the big city here. I go to the health food stores/Asian Grocer and to the craft stores. PLUS I go to one of my fave restaurants. Can you tell I don’t go there often? LOL..

  2. In our house, during the occasions where I get a night out, my husband stays with our three kids and occasionally gives them too much sugar. He doesn’t mind so much since he works long hours outside the home so loves an opportunity to play with the kids!

    • That’s sweet. I’m glad that you get time to be out with your kids. Since he’s dealing with the sugar rush, it works.

    • Glad you added the laughter part in there. My husband will agree to anything almost provided I’m not putting myself or our family in danger. He isn’t controlling to an excess amount, but he does take his role as ‘man of the house’ seriously.

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