Moving to A New Home: Here are 5 Things You Need to Do

Congratulations on the move to a new home! The process of moving to a new home is quite exciting. You cannot wait to experience the ambiance your new home has to offer. However, the transition can also be tedious and complicated, regardless of whether you are a new homeowner or just moving houses.

Moving into a new home does not only involve the basic packing and unpacking of your household stuff. There is more to it. You are required to stay organised throughout the entire journey of shuffling houses. Seeking assistance from accredited movers such as Man and Van Bedford, to move all sorts of your household goods is a great start to your moving plan.

This article discusses 5 tips you can follow to ensure that your moving experience is seamless.

1. Create an Effective Plan and Organise Your Stuff

A lot of planning is needed to be done in advance before moving into a new home. Have a notebook to take down all the important points. Come up with an all-inclusive budget that will cater for all the moving costs including movers’ costs, purchase of new household stuff and packing utilities. Take time also to estimate the amount of time it will take you to move and get settled.

Making a list of all the essentials that you will move with is necessary. This also offers you a great opportunity to de-clutter by selling or donating all the unneeded things you have been piling up in your house. Schedule time to organise everything you are moving within an orderly manner so that you avoid forgetting things while on the last-minute rush.

2. Choose a Credible Moving Company

Moving to a new home can be an energy-draining activity, especially when you have a lot of stuff ranging from furniture to household items and electronics. Packing and unpacking all these things can be exhausting thus the need to hire a professional and renowned moving company to offer you help with the moving. There is a need to source for an experienced moving company that will be efficient. Before choosing one, go through its reviews to check if they are trustworthy and check if they are licensed to carry out the business.

To ensure that the movers have a smooth time while helping you out, you are advised to have enough moving boxes in place. You can also choose to pack and label your boxes in advance to fasten the process. Disorganisation can result in additional time being taken and could lead to an increase in the general movers’ fee.

3. Conduct Deep House Cleaning

The previous owner of the home probably did not clean it up to your liking. You can choose to clean to detail every part of the house before moving furniture and electronics. Later after everything has been unpacked and well arranged, you can do another round of a brief clean-up.

To ensure that you are cleaning in an effective and more organised manner, start from all the items located near the ceiling. These tend to accumulate a lot of dust. They include the storage cabinets, the fans and any lighting objects. If you have already settled, proceed to clean the fridge since it has already been connected to store your food. In this order, clean the entire kitchen space, the bathrooms, then to the rest of the house and finally, scrub the floors. You can choose to clean on your own or hire the services of a professional cleaning company.

4. Carry out General Repairs and House Improvements

As long as the house you have moved into isn’t new and was previously occupied, there is a probability that you will need to carry out some repairs and renovations. It would help if you walked around the entire house carrying out a complete inspection on what requires repair.

Based on your findings, decide on what repairs need urgent attention and those that can wait. Areas to prioritise include plumbing, electrical repairs, broken windows and dysfunctional locks.

You can also decide to carry out home improvements. This includes changing the interior of the house to your suitability by painting the walls to your colour of preference, changing the locks to improve security and other interior design factors of your choice.

5. Change your Physical Address

This is a crucial aspect of moving homes that you should be keen not to forget. Notify the post office to carry out a change in your mailing address. Proceed to inform all the necessary parties of your relocation. This includes your friends, relatives, the services providers you are subscribed to and lastly, your financial and insurance facilities.


Moving to a new home can be very exhausting. Consider asking for assistance from family and friends if you cannot manage it all on your own. By following the steps above, you will be assured of a smoother experience. After all is done, schedule for that housewarming party and go ahead to make friends in your new neighbourhood!



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