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I mentioned in my Mother’s Day post about the UP channel that I just found on DIRECTV. Well, now my TiVo is covered with a bunch of movies that I can’t wait to watch. My kids and I have been enjoying watching movies we’re finding off of UPTV and the Hallmark channel.  (My blog stats are hurting as a result, but my kids are only going to grow up once. Plus I wasn’t living and when you’re not living you really start to sound really boring!!)

Anyways, after a long day of schoolwork and housework, and a nice long nap (the rainy weather just made it impossible to stay awake!), we all curled up on the couch and watched our movies I had recorded off of Hallmark and   UPTV .

The first movie we watched was Mom’s Day Away.

Much like Mom’s Night Out , it reminded me how much I appreciate my husband and kids. However, this movie also reminded me that I was right to want a career of my own. I love blogging and I truly enjoy all that it gives me. I do however, get wrapped up with it too much at times.  Then I go to the other extreme and don’t pursue it like I want for fear of over indulging.

I can’t begin to tell you the amount of blog posts that are literally floating in my head. Many of them are pretty entertaining if I do say so myself, but I don’t have the time to write them all out. Not to mention get them Pinterest ready! However, I found I was also getting burned out trying to keep up with the Pioneer Woman of the blogging world.

Guess what, this movie showed me that I don’t have to. I don’t NEED to be the big blogging queen. I can do this at my pace that I have available to give right now. I’m so glad I was able to see the light of that.

Today for the first time in a long time I didn’t feel stressed. It showed in everything I did. My husband told me today that I made the best homemade hamburgers I’ve ever made. My son and I had a date today, and he pleased me to the core when he stated, “Mommy, you have to take money out of my savings account to pay for this date because that’s the man’s job.” Then we came home, and I got to enjoy him reading a full story to me, without feeling like I was going to miss that next great opportunity that we needed.

Now mind you, I do need the money that blogging gives us, but I also know God’s going to provide what we need when we need it. He’s showing me all around me that I’ve been failing him because I haven’t been trusting him. I’ve been trying to do things my way. And honey, let me say, MY WAY IS NOT WORKING.

I know my family appreciates me. My husband has made darn certain my kids show that every chance they have. He showers me with his appreciation often. They are all quick to do their best to treat me like a queen. I am richly blessed with a man who supports me 110% on anything I decide to pursue.

So, although, I have big ambitions and will still continue to do what I can make a go being bigger and better. It’s going to happen according to God’s will and AROUND my family’s needs.

The second movie we watched was My Mom’s Future Husband.

This was such a cute movie. It reminds me how much kids long to see their parents happy. My kids remind me of this all the time.

They do anything in their power to make me happy. Granted, they still do many KIDS things that drive me nuts. However, that’s things that they really can’t control. They are just full of so much energy, they just can’t hide it.

I loved how well the actors and actresses did in this movie. Lea Thompson is one of my favorite actresses though too! The chemistry could be felt all the way to my living room between the main characters. I know you’ll love the ending part!

We also watched the movie Major Cupcake too. This movie was cute. However, it didn’t have the realistic feel to it that I like to see in movies like this. I loved how she genuinely cared for her town’s people and took the bull by the horns even though she clearly stated she didn’t think she had the skills for the position. It’s still good quality entertainment.

I have many other movies set to record from the UPTV channel. I look forward to seeing more quality uplifting entertainment from this channel. I love that I can watch this channel and Hallmark with my kids without worry about what they are going to see. It’s going to be perfect during the upcoming hot days. Plus my kids work really hard to behave so they get that extra movie time with me at night before they go to bed. So it’s a win-win!

Have you been a fan of these channels already?

By the way, THIS IS NOT A PAID POST. HALLMARK NOR UPTV had any knowledge of me writing this post prior to me doing it. This is just me sharing our life experiences with you. 



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