Mother’s Day Joy

I had a wonderful Mother’s Day!!!!
I dedicated Zeva with my adopted grandparents today at church. My oldest son, Jimmy, told our preacher on his own accord that he is ready to be baptized. 🙂 I was beaming from ear to ear on the inside because I didn’t want him to make this decision to please me or anyone else for that matter. I wanted him to do it for the right reasons and because he genuinely wants a relationship with God with all of his heart. He proved to me and the preacher that he wants that. So, he will be getting baptized in two weeks if all goes well. Delbert was a well behaved child with his brother in the back of the church while his sister was being dedicated. I was so utterly proud to say the least.

Then we came home and grabbed a quick lunch. I got a few things done. Then I got a bit of school work done. Then I got to have a small nap in before the puppies and Zeva wanted my attention. Then the boys and I played Monopoly and had a blast doing it. I got a nice comfortable nightgown from the boys for mother’s day. Del cooked dinner for us.

I feel so utterly blessed to say the least. God has richly blessed me. I hope that every mother had as good as a mother day as I did. Today I got to see all of my efforts have been worth every bit of it.

I do miss my mom today, but instead of weeping from missing her, I’ve been grateful for the time I had with her and for all that she’s taught me in my life.

Mom+with+my+menThis is my Mom with my loves one our last outing together. I know she has probably enjoyed today as well. I felt her with me all day today in an odd way.




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