Mind at Full Steam

I have no clue what I want to write about specifically. All kinds of things have been running through my mind today!!
I woke up planning on living by the motto, “don’t put off till tomorrow what you can get done today.” However, after a long night with Zeva last night, that wasn’t exactly fully going to work out. I could barely get out of bed let alone conquer my long list of things I had wanted to do today. That motto sounds so great, and is for those people who are die hard perfectionist (which mind you, I admire those type of people, but I also feel that they push themselves to the point that they have break downs. I use to do that to myself as well!!)
Plus I ended up riding the roads with my husband today, and that wasn’t expected. I fully planned on being home today. However, I am definitely not complaining because we got to be together as a family for most of the day. We got to go out to eat and then go on a three hour road trip and do some talking and dreaming together. (There was some work mixed in there as well, but that’s one of the pleasures of working for in-laws, the family gets to stay together.)
I also have been putting off trying on my size 20 clothes, and Del told me today that I can’t put it off any longer. He honestly believes they’ll fit and that I’ll be able to can my size 22 clothes and start over again. I’ve already gone through all of my sexy outfits (the ones solely for hubby), and I have less than a handful that fit me, and even those don’t fit me well enough to say that they truly fit. The sad fact is that I barely got to wear them since I got them and then ended up pregnant. Pregnancy for me took away my feelings of desire to do those type of things on a regular bases!! So, I’m most likely going to have some clothes that need a home here soon. If I’m not in the size 20 yet, I’m mighty close to it happening. Once it does, I’ll only have four sizes left to go. I told my husband that if I get below the size 18, that I’m going to NEED to go shopping for clothes because I don’t have anything below that size to wear. He laughed and said, save your money then. 🙂 He did say that we’d get the money though to get them as we needed them. However, that’s why my goal is to be a size 10 by Christmas, so that my Christmas present can be a whole new wardrobe!!!! In between now and that size, thrift stores are going to be my best friend!!
I still have homework to do, and have no desire to do it what so ever. I will get it done like I always do, but I just want to relax and enjoy time with my kids.
Speaking of which, my husband and I went out last night and we were at this place from 5:30pm until almost 10pm, and Zeva was a gem. The couple next to us asked, “Does she ever cry?” That has become a very popular question for people who are around us. I just answer and say she has her moments. Well, just a little while ago, she had one of her moments. She’s such a good baby that when she does cry, I know something is really bothering her. Usually she’s having a hard time doing number 2 or she needs to burp really bad or I’m taking to long to get her food to her. She literally would rather act like a bird and peck around my body looking for the bottle or pacifier, or kick and squirm around a lot when she needs her butt changed with a pitiful look in her eyes, or rub her eyes when she’s tired than make any noise. I truly wonder how long it will last, but many people are in amazement that I know what she wants without her making a sound. Mind you, I’ve never had the pleasure of focusing so much on one of my babies before (I always had to go right back to work, and had to prepare for it physically, emotionally, and mentally.) My mom told me when I had my first child that I’m able to work well with animals and young kids that I’ll do fine with my baby. I told her I doubted it since I had NEVER touched a baby prior to my first born.
I was pretty decent with my son, and he’s truly a “Momma’s boy.” However, I didn’t get to enjoy his baby years. I got to enjoy the toddler years with him. However, I have been able to literally observe everything about Zeva from her development in my womb to how she is now. From working with animals, I know the power of observing them.
I guess that’s why I do a lot of observing in my management jobs. Then I work with the person to figure out the best way we can solve what’s holding them back from being one of my top performers. That is such an amazing thing to see an employee go from being a bad one to being one of the most reliable, hard working, dedicated one in the whole unit. I can remember me losing patience with someone that was hired at Hardee’s (this was when I was still learning about being a leader), and my boss at the time (Ms. Cindy-Ms.Hardcore herself) telling me to quit giving up on her and actually take my time with her. This employee took six months to understand everything that we wanted of her, but let me tell you, once that six months was up she was an amazing employee!!!! Ms.Cindy was strict and pushed the hang out of me, but she helped shape me so much.  I respected her and would of moved mountains for her.
It’s amazing how many little things in our days shapes us and changes the course we plan to take or aim to take. However, when we stop to look at them, we find their true value and realize it all happened for a reason.




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