Metal Pressions Review and Giveaway

As you already know, I’m a huge fan of any type of personalized jewelry or product for that matter. I was blessed with the fact that we got to review obtaining jewelry from Metal Pressions.

Metal Pressions is still a young company that has only been open now for five years. When you order from them, your ordering from a very small operating company that still only has 5 employees who are able to specialize in giving one on one attention to their customers requests and desires.

There are so many wonderful factors about this company that makes it stand out to me as one worth dealing with. Their website actually allows you to create your own product yourself.  Plus if you want to chat with a representative while you’re doing it that is an option as well. I got to personally talk to Andreas himself to ensure that I gained the most from my order. He showed me how easy it was for a customer to change the fonts and the way their order looks with their user-friendly options on their screen.

All of their jewelry that they create is hand stamped jewelry. I chose to get a personalized rings . Of course, I personally wasn’t thinking to hard about what I was going to put on it. So, I decided to ensure that everyone knew that Del was taken by me especially since he is returning back into the work force. So, I put “Crystal’s Man” on the ring I got for Del.

Del likes the ring so much that it’s a part of his standard entire everyday. (It’s on his hand right now.) Of course, this is from a man who has had my name tattooed on him for over fifteen years now. We both like the world to know we are taken by the other person. If I could get over the fear of a tattoo his name would be on me as well. He plans on getting a bigger one with all of our names on him one day. (It may be when he’s 80 at the rate it’s taking us to decide what he’s going to put on him that is going to look good enough to have all of our names on him.)

There are so many products to choose from as well from this company. Their concept and products are very sound and of good quality.

Now here’s your chance to get a $50.00 gift certificate to get something special for yourself or someone else. This is only open to the U.S.

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Disclosure: I was given this product to review in exchange for a blog review. However, that in no way shaped my opinion of this company or their products.




Here is another blogger who also has great things to say about this company and is hosting a giveaway as well. Her review has some amazing pictures and even more details than mine has. . So, there is more than just me showing you how great this company is. 🙂



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