Men’s Underwear Styles

Underwear is one of those aspects of clothing that tends to get overlooked despite the fact you wear them every day and likely have several pairs. A men’s underwear subscription can help grow your underwear options, save time on shopping, and make your underwear choices more interesting. When it comes to men’s underwear some styles are consistent no matter the fabric or pattern. Here are four of the most common types of men’s underwear and what they offer.

Four Types of Male Underwear

  1. Briefs: briefs are one of the most popular types of underwear available for men, and you likely have several pairs yourself due to how common they are. With several colors and patterns to choose from briefs don’t have to be boring either. An advantage of briefs is that they are form-fitting offering support and due to not covering the legs are easy to wear under several types of clothing.
  2. Boxers: another popular choice for men’s undergarments is boxers or boxer shorts. Loose-fitting and comfortable boxers are good for a causal dress or just relaxing around the house on a weekend. The breathability offered by boxers can also prevent chaffing and are good for people with certain skin conditions. Boxers, as long as they are sized correctly, can also be worn under normal clothing however, very form-fitting clothing can be an issue depending on how your boxers are designed.
  3. Boxer Briefs: when selecting underwear, boxer briefs offer a middle ground between briefs and boxers in terms of form and function. Covering the same areas as boxers (down to the upper leg) boxer briefs offer a snugger fit and the additional support you’d find in a brief of briefs. Boxer briefs are both comfortable and can be worn for more physical activity due to the added support. Plus the snugger fit can work better with certain tighter types of clothing.
  4. Trunks: finally, trunks are an alternative design of underwear that a lot of men like. Trunks are similar in form and function to boxer briefs, but they have shorter leg covering making them more like a traditional brief. Trunks tend to be more squared-shaped and are a good alternative for fans of briefs who want a little more coverage but not too much. Like boxer briefs and briefs, trunks can be worn for many types of activities and clothing. 

Body Types

Your body type can play a factor in what type of underwear looks best on you and if you’re a guy who cares about aesthetics (not everyone does) you may want to keep that in mind. For taller guys, if you don’t want to look overly tall longer boxers or boxer briefs can accomplish that. On the opposite end, shorter guys will want to wear briefs and show more leg. Skinny guys will likely want something snug and bigger guys will want something loser.

When to Wear

The boxer versus briefs debate is likely to never go away. In many cases, this is a matter of personal preference such as liking the look of boxer shorts. For some, it’s the comfort as briefs can feel constricting or irritating and others can find the lack of support some types of boxers offer to be uncomfortable. However, there are situations where a certain type of underwear can be more practical. If relaxing around the home boxers can feel more comfortable than briefs and by comparison, you’d likely want the support and snug fit of briefs when working out or running.

Final Thoughts

When selecting underwear there are several ways to approach it and if you’re looking to make some changes knowing where to start can be more complex than it looks. An underwear subscription can help you try out new ideas, see what fits you best, and save on shopping time.




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  1. There are many more styles of men’s underwear besides 3 forms of boxers and briefs. Sadly most major stores only carry boxers of various types, trunks, etc. Heck it’s hard to even find full briefs anymore because the store buyers are programed to boxers in recent years. You can get bikini, string bikini, tangas, thongs and many other styles from specialty stores like bodyaware or even amazon for that matter. This doesn’t even touch on male lingerie stores like xdress dot com.


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