Memoria Press Sixth Grade Literature Guide Set Review

Reading books have always been a passion of mine! I love passing on that love to my kids through many different books. As a result, having them do book reviews is an important part of our lesson plans.However, I’ve never really had them do in-depth book reviews before. We were given the chance to review Sixth Grade Literature Guide Set from Memoria Press.

About Memoria Press Literature Guide Sets

The literature guide sets are designed to challenge our kids. Each grade level has books that are marginally above our children’s comfort levels. Memoria Press believes that kids who are challenged while reading are more inclined to savor reading more. These sets are designed to train students to savor reading.

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Our Review of Memoria Press Sixth Grade Literature Guide Set


We got all of the guides for the entire Literature Sixth Grade Set.

Memoria Press Literature Guides Review

In that set we got:

* Adam of the Road
* Adam of the Road Student Study Guide
* Adam of the Road Teacher Manual
* Door in the Wall
* Door in the Wall Student Guide
* Door in the Wall Teacher Manual
* King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table
* King Arthur Student Guide
* King Arthur Teacher Manual
* Robin Hood
* Robin Hood Student Study Guide
* Robin Hood Teacher Manual

I rented all of the books from our local library. Jimmy wasn’t interested enough to read any of the books except for Adam of the Road at this point. He did read that book completely. Then he did the student guide for Adam of the Road. He liked how the questions were set up. He felt that they were pretty simple to answer. Some of the questions challenged him and made him think.

As a homeschooling parent, I loved the fact that the questions weren’t all cut and dry. He was required to gain some critical thinking skills while working through the book. He also learned some words and definitions.

There were also periods where he had to memorize parts of the story and reinact them. I felt that was quality skills for him to learn that I wouldn’t have pursued without this guide. This is especially true when I couldn’t stand doing plays when I was going to school.

He was encouraged in some parts to draw and create his own poems. That’s something he’ll probably do with Granny Lee when she needs something to do. I didn’t pursue those aspects of the guide.

This guide also helped them to learn aspects of History from the setting of the story too. Anything that helps my kids learn History in a fun manner is a true gem in my book.

Overall, I feel like these guides help students learn how to take what they are reading and make it more than just a reading experience. It’s almost like they are encouraged to reinact and LIVE the stories. I recommend this Sixth Grade Literature Guide Set from Memoria Press.

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Do you think your kids would enjoy doing this kind of literature? 

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Memoria Press Literature Guides Review

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