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Movies, television shows, cartoons, video games and even colorful content on the internet are all moving forward with fascinating effects. But when it comes to creating these grandiose visual illusions for media drenched audiences that are becoming harder to convince, it takes talented artisans to magically tweak our imaginations. To become the next visual effects magician requires learning how to use the industry-respected 3D computer graphics software known as Maya, developed by Autodesk.

Maya software users have the capability to perform 3D animation tasks such as: creating believable digital characters, making these characters move in a virtual or live action environment, 3D imaging and rendering, digital painting and simulations that include: water, fire, grass, fur and fabrics. Imagine having the tools that Maya offers at your disposal to play “digital god” to design new virtual worlds to be enjoyed in the real world.

It’s not enough just to purchase Autodesk Maya; the benefits exist in learning it from trained professionals that can prepare you for a career in computer-generated images. Maya courses are available at specialized nationally accredited educational institutions such as Video Symphony, located in Burbank California. Engaging with instructors and faculty members for Maya training at Video Symphony provides hands-on training, financial aid options and job placement opportunities to students.

Consider the infinite possibilities that come with learning Maya, a software program that has been used in the creation of movies like “Avatar,” “Hugo,” and “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” as well as television programs like “Game of Thrones” and “Boardwalk Empire.”

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