Make Memories Last Longer with Photographs Printed on Metal

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The concept of displaying treasured photos on a metal surface is not new, but has not yet entered mainstream media. The image stability of photos on metal is unparalleled. Although photos on paper are quite stable by themselves, metal has a special quality that makes it better at enduring the test of time. Silver-based photo papers are still the norm in terms of photo printing. Still, metal prints are gradually becoming not just novelties but regular options for people who want to use photographs as decorative items or as souvenirs and giveaways.

There are many style options available for customizing metal pictures. Prints on metal are now the popular option for making pictures last for a lifetime. The only requirement companies that offer the technology ask customers is a high-resolution photograph or digital scan, and the photo needs to be edited using an online photo editor. The image may be in JPEG or TIFF format or any format specified by the company.

Interior decoration

Favorite photos and special moments are printed onto aluminum panels of the best quality. The customization extends to the type of surface (glossy vs. matte) and the size. Many companies can create huge wall displays of varied dimensions. Because of the versatility of metal panes, metal prints can be utilized as the room’s focal point or as accessories or highlights in interior decoration.

Companies that provide consumer photo printing services offer a wide array of mounting options. There are default options at hand; alternative options are available as well. One of the basic mounting mechanisms for mounting photos is sticky tape, which shows how light the printed material is. Some place hanging holes or make use of mounting blocks. Some prints can also come in an anodized aluminum frame, which can be hung by wire or a specific security mount system. It is important to ensure that brackets and locking bolts are placed when necessary to secure the whole frame.

There’s one more reason why metal photos are finding their way into more and more living rooms. Metal photos are very easy to clean. With a good microfiber towel and basic cleaning solution such as isopropyl alcohol, dirt and blemishes can be instantly removed. There is no need to buy a special cleaning solution to maintain the photographs on metal in good order.

A quick look at the metal printing process

 The process involved is unique and requires special equipment. The machine presses the metal at very high temperatures. How is the photo transferred to the metal surface? Essentially, the machine transforms the ink from the photo into a gas that is then imprinted into aluminum or steel. When steel is used, there is a huge opportunity for variety, given the availability of finishes.

Because of the many advantages of metal as a photo printing medium, custom-made prints that used to be available only on paper are now being presented on metal surfaces. Printing on metal is now the best way to keep photographs that truly last.

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