Magic Mike Movie Review

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Let me start off with saying, I was on the fence about watching this movie. However, I won’t lie I’m a HUGE Matthew McConaughey fan. His voice is so tease worthy in my book. Plus I love the fact that his hair curls up in the back. (Del has never wore his hair long around me at all, so I have no clue if his hair does that or not.) I was not overly impressed with his role in this movie at all.

In fact, this movie actually made me sick to my stomach in so many ways. I did watch it all the way through to see if the guy got the girl in the end. Now, there is a part of me who can understand why someone would want to be a stripper. Back when I had the body and honestly didn’t give a rats behind who saw it and didn’t FEEL ANYTHING when it came to sex or showing off my body, I honestly considered being a stripper. It would have given me a complete rush to do it. I did do strip teases for the guys I was with.
So, I get the whole concept behind the thrill of being a stripper and the thrill of going to strip clubs. I’m not someone who has never experienced this lifestyle. Now that I’m out of  it makes me cringe.Maybe I cringe because I know the road they are on isn’t going to lead them to anything good for them or any future partners.
The kicker was the drugs that they insisted on bringing into the movie. I’ve never done the drug thing, but I have lived with someone who was wrapped up in drugs and alcohol. It made my life a living hell. I guess that’s why to this day I don’t let it anywhere near me. I barely take medicine when I’m suppose to take it. I drink maybe once every five years and even then it’s a max of three drinks. I’ve always been the designated driver, and I’ll be that until the day I die for sure.
I felt that they portrayed a man as only sexy and desirable to a woman if he was pretty much naked, high as a kite, and drunk as a skunk. Yes, he had to have a six pack of abs. Um mm…that has NEVER been my definition of sexy. You know what makes a man sexy? A man who treasures the woman he’s with, is smarter than me, strong both physically and emotionally, hard worker, and above all loyal. (I just described some of the traits that I love the most about my husband  still handsome as well!!)
Would I say this was  a good movie??….If you are into male strippers and are not comparing it to your beliefs and enjoy watching people get drunk and high and cussing, then you’ve got yourself a winner of a movie to watch.
Maybe it’s because I’m a mother that I look at these movies and really just want to cry because I don’t want my boys growing up and thinking this what woman really want in a man.
What are your thoughts??




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5 comments on “Magic Mike Movie Review”

  1. I haven’t watched this movie for probably the same reasons. I am not a prude by any means but this is not really my idea of sexy. Maybe I just have too much of a brain! 😉

  2. I did see them movie, although I never found myself drawn to or very interested by male strippers. I was curious about it, and quite intrigued by some of the dance moves that flashed across my screen in the previews.

    Although the plot was severely lacking in the movie, and it all seemed to somewhat jump around a bit, I did see something there that I have yet to hear anyone review mention. Does the movie show people getting drunk and high and supposedly having a super great time at it? Yes. But it also portrays the emptiness that comes along with the stripping lifestyle. It shows how the drinking and drugs and always wanting to party is actually a facade and that deep down inside, all ‘Magic Mike’ wants is for someone, anyone, to take him seriously and see all of the ways in which he is valuable as a person. It shows how he is unable to have a real relationship because no one sees him as more than just a hot stripper.

    I think that they really should have delved much deeper into that aspect of the movie and the characters, but it is still there. As someone who once knew far too much about that lifestyle, I can attest, it is sad, it is empty and it slowly kills you inside.

    • I definitely agree that side of the movie was there as well. I also think it should have gone more into detail concerning that aspect. I believe it would have been a far better movie had that been the case.

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