Little Indicators of Happiness

I’m not writing this to come across as superior or judgmental at all. I’m writing it as a way to show our little things that we do when we’re happy or upset.

The little indicators of happiness for me and my wife are very different. We may have our ups and downs like everybody else. There are a few ways to always tell if things are going well in our relationship.

For us, it is our happy and upset indicators. Some people call them little tells, which you can. It’s the simple things you do or don’t do when you’re around your other half or in general. Your other half should know you well enough to know what the signs are that you’re upset.

Let’s take me for example, when I want to know how my wife is doing. I look at her face and gestures. When my wife is upset about something her left eye always looks straight while her right eye always looks at you. Then when she’s happy she’s very affectionate.

For me it’s a little different, both of my eyes stare off into space. I become a recluse even more than normal. I give very short clipped answers. If I’m just down, I become really quiet. Yet, when I’m happy I also want my special meals that remind me of the early dating days my wife and I had together.

I’m sure that you significant other has their little indicators. If you don’t really know what they are, I do encourage you to learn what they are. It helps open of the lines of communication during those hard times.

I know for me personally I struggle really hard with talking to my wife at times. There are times when I feel like I can’t win for losing. Some things that I feel I can’t really express to her without fear of really hurting her feelings. That is always the last thing I want to do to her! We do always end up talking about whatever it is on my mind because she does keep a close eye on me.

I think that many people forget to that it’s the little things that truly do make a positive difference. It pays a lot to pay attention to those little details. I know it took me a long time to get my wife to understand that benefit.

What little things do you notice that your significant others does when they are happy?




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