Life Without Internet

I’m literally using my cell phone to write this post. I just wanted to ensure you that there is a lot of posts ready to go live. I actually have an overly full month laid out for us.

I’m sitting in limbo street because my phone is not big enough to handle all of that goes on behind the scenes for my blog. They claim I will have Internet back by Sunday night. I certainly hope that is true!!

I will get the winner picked out for the PediaOne giveaway soon. I know those who entered are eager to find out who won.

Life without solid Internet is for the birds when you are a stay at home working Mom. It makes me start thinking to much. I have to have my mind in use in some form or another. I’m actually a bit batty.

Luckily Del has most of today off so that the kids and I can take off for awhile to get me out of this house for a bit. I love to be on the road, and have been going stir crazy because I can’t get away as much since Del started working.

The life adjustments lately have not been easy to conquer. My blog and all of you have been a huge help for me!!

I hope you’ll ride out this dull,mundane, and very repetitive period with me. I am confident that once we get this whole Internet deal figured out that I’ll be giving you stuff worth reading.

Hope you had a great 4th. Please pray for me and our family.




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I'm Crystal. I'm married to Dale, and mother to Johnny.Some might say that my life is perfect because I get to do all the cliché wife things like cooking, cleaning, and decorating - but there's more! I also have many hobbies including needlework (crochet), sewing, and reading. My son's education is important, so we homeschool him together.

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  1. I could not imagine a life without internet goodness I would go crazy. Hope you can get everything sorted out soon.

    • I’ve been going nuts for sure. 🙂 It seems to be back up and running, but it’s still not up to par yet. I’m hoping by 5pm today it will be.

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