Life Is Full of Instant Changes….

I was watching my shows yesterday, and couldn’t help but think about the fact that life gives instant life altering changes. In one of my shows, a woman left her friends to move across the US. Then in my other show, one of the woman’s husband got shot to death. It amazes me how quickly a person’s life can change. One poor decision can alter everything. (Like marrying the wrong person, not only once but twice in my case.)

I am also reading so many horror stories about kids dying due to sudden infant sydome due to parents not listening to the advice that keeps being plastered everywhere. I still use the bumper guards, but only to a small level. I do declare I wake up 100 times at night to check on Zeva. However, without the guards she gets her feet and hands stuck in the crib. She loves her blanket too. We used bumper guards on all the other kids, and they had blankets too, and they survived through it. I’m scared to death of the possibility of losing her while she sleeps in her crib, but in the same token, I do what I can to ensure she’s safe (along with my boys.)

My car accident changed my life in an instant. We have to learn how to handle our moments of anger to where we aren’t saying or doing things that we will regret later. I feel like I’ve burned a bridge with the one company that I loved working for the most since I haven’t heard from them again. Honestly, I regret that greatly. However, I don’t regret my decision to put my family first at the time that I made that decision. Sometimes we are placed between a rock and a hard place, and we have to make tough decisions that ultimately we will have to pay some type of consequence for doing at some point in our lives. However, if we weigh the consequences against each other and we make a decision that ultimately saves us from more heartache in the short and LONG run then we’re making the right choice.

In my case, I should have tried to communicate better. I’ve learned over the course of the past five years just how valuable communication is to making things better or worse. My husband actually helped me with that throughout the course of my life. However, when I got away from him, I actually lost that trait because I lost who I was as a person due to being miserable. (Unless you’ve been there, you can’t understand that statement.) I read so many comments from woman wanting to throw their marriage away over things that honestly and truly are a part of being married (such as, taking care of in-laws in their final years, a man working to much (and you get to be a SAHM), them not taking care of helping with the kids/housework more, and sex reaching a mundane point in the relationship.) Life happens, and life gets hard at times. Changes happen in life, and part of being married for a LIFETIME is enduring those changes TOGETHER with YOUR spouse. Marriage isn’t always a bed of roses. Why do you think one of the most popular flowers given to those we love has thorns too? We have to endure a few pricks in every relationship in order to enjoy the beauty of the flower.

May you take the time to breath and really think before you act or speak in your moments of anger. Be slow to speak out of anger and quick to praise. (Yes, in this case, this is the pot calling the kettle black!!!!)




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