Lets get Poppin’ .. Popcorn and Movies

There is nothing better than watching a movie with good popcorn to go with it. Finding old fashioned popcorn is actually hard and harder to do anymore. I know I go into the grocery store and primarily see only microwave popcorn. I don’t really like microwave popcorn like I use to when I was younger.

I think that statement of your “taste buds change every seven years” is quite true. I found a site that offers whirley pop . There are so many different gift ideas on that the site that make it hard to resist buying some for yourself as well.

I like the stovetop popcorn maker. It reminds me of the good ole’ days with family making popcorn to get ready for movie nights. I think that’s why I ensure that we have one day set aside for movies in my household because I remember how much I treasured them growing up. We have ours every Tuesday when movies come out each week. It’s not the same since Blockbuster closed their doors in our town, but we’ve still been able to get some through Redbox.

Of course, for me it’s still not the same as picking up the boxes and reading the details about the movie. Plus the Redbox boxes are hard to read in the sun hits the screens as well. They never seem to have enough copies of each given movie in their locations. However, life is all about making adjustments and this just happens to be one of them. J

Do you have movie nights in your household? What kind of popcorn do you enjoy with it?





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