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Laws are made in order to safeguard the rights of individuals. These are made to also make people certain about the consequences of their actions. It is believed that every individual has a role to play in society. Each of us has basic duties that are to be done. We know there are things that must be done to secure the wellbeing of the society and also things that we should abstain from doing to ensure the same. Failure of these duties cause injury or harm to others. The legal system tries to prohibit such actions or if done they try to cover damages for it. This is done with the aim that it shall reduce the frequency of the wrong committed and make people aware of the same.

One of such injuries

There are many types of injury. The one we are talking about today is a kind of personal injury. It is a discussion on the product liability litigation.
The fundament of this injury can be explained. Manufactures and suppliers owe a duty to ensure that the products they sell to the consumer are safe, effective and suitable for consumer’s use. When they fail to do so, there comes this law mentioning product liability.

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It is the liability of the manufacturer or supplier to make sure they perform their duty. If this is not done then the unsafe products can cause serious injuries and even death. Adequate precautions are to be taken by the manufacturers against any potential defect of the product.

Defects and liabilities

There are three main types of defects that can be covered under product liability cases and those are as follows:

Design defects: flaws in the intentional design that can make the product unsafe for use.

Manufacturing defects: flaws that occur at the time of manufacturing the product.

Marketing defects: failure to warn the consumer of the dangers of the product, insufficient necessary instructions and information etc.

In product liability, multiple parties can be liable for the defect. It is common that each one wants to get away from their part of taking responsibility of the damage. For product liability help in Seattle, Hornbuckle firm takes responsibility to look after the aggrieved party. The firm ensures to take care of every small detail of the case which might have been suppressed or overlooked to get their client proper compensation for the loss suffered.

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