Lack of HIGH Speed Internet Holding Us Back

Okay, I’m joining my husband’s rant and rave over our Internet issue! We have been literally using THREE Internet providers now trying to maintain having the amount of Internet usage that we need. I have not only been operating my blog, but now Del has his blog so I’ve been helping with it too. PLUS I’ve taken on being a VA for four other bloggers too. That doesn’t include the kids doing school work online too. PLUS Del’s video gaming and our family Netflix entertainment love.

I have LITERALLY been hounding the living tar out of AT&T to obtain their UVerse Internet since they have been installing their Internet cables all around our neck of the woods. Their main box is literally 4.1 miles away from our house. Time Warner Cable services houses less than 4 miles from our house.

Yet we are S.O.L. majorly. Del’s birthday did not go at all like he envisioned it would go. He was planning on playing the Destiny Beta game all day long. Instead it took 2.5 days to download the game. Our Internets are not strong enough to handle what we need it for.

Did I also mention that there are THREE other businesses on our property too? Yea, we have three family businesses that we run and operate. Internet is a vital part of all of them in some form or fashion. I can only imagine how our world would open up if we were to get fair and honest real Internet that the average world has in their home.

Shoot today, I was able to obtain a job that I fully qualified for and could have done with complete ease FROM HOME for $15.00 an hour. That would have been PERFECT for us! I would have been able to focus on that job alone and homeschooling my kids and just go back to blogging for the fun of it.

I know Del would go back to college and finish out his web design degree too if we had reliable Internet. He was enjoying his classes when our Internet was strong enough to handle it. However, the problem is right now the kids need the unlimited Internet we do have (even though it’s NOT reliable) more than anyone else because their education is of utmost importance. However, it’s not strong enough to handle more than two people be on it at a time.

I’m tired of feeling like we are talking to a broken wall concerning needing high speed cable or DSL Internet in our neck of the woods. I know I’m not alone with this fight. There was another blogger who was fighting for this very issue too. This issue needs to be resolved FASTER.

I hope that some company will provide RELIABLE UNLIMITED HIGH SPEED (3MP or higher) that it NOT wireless here soon. (I will still use my wireless router that’s separate though!)

Do you suffer with this issue in your neck of the woods too?





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