Kids and Dentist Visits

How many of you have a family that suffer from dentistry dread?

I do declare there isn’t a person in our household who enjoys the visit to the dentist. Jimmy suffers with major reflex issues which makes it really hard to even brush his teeth let alone enjoy a visit to the dentist. Delbert just gets nervous because it’s the dentist. I have gum issues which make it hard for me to enjoy going to a dentist for regular maintenance. Zeva has issues with strangers trying to be close to her physically. I don’t know why Del doesn’t like them, but I think it could just be because it’s the dreaded dentist office visit.

There are times though in some people’s lives that they require extensive work to be done on their teeth. I do honestly fear that one day that is going to happen to Jimmy due to how hard it is to keep his teeth maintained with his personal issue. (Yes, we’ve invested in those Cool Tunes tooth brushes and many other things as well in an attempt to make it less dreadful for him.)

Endodontic procedures actually scare me. Yet, I honestly think it may be something that will happen in Jimmy’s life. Yet, there are so many new procedures available now. Considering the new technologies out there it has become less painful to have teeth saved for as long as possible. I hope he never has to have this done, but I believe if he does at least there are ways to make it less painful for him to have to endure these types of situations.

The advances in dentistry has made the family visits to them a lot easier to deal with. I still believe in getting teeth brushed twice a day (sometimes more.) I also feel a good flossing works wonders.

What are some ways you have managed to keep your kids excited about brushing?




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