Keeping the Home Fires Burning for Your Man

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This book is quick to remind me why I believe in having my husband as the head of the household. It is God’s plan for married people! I recommend that you consider reading this book for your own personal gain. When a wife gives her husband total respect and control of the household then things definitely change a great deal for the better. (I AM NOT saying don’t have a voice in decisions, but let him have final say!) Del and I still fight from time to time like cats and dogs over some issues, but when it gets down the nitty-gritty you can bank he’s going to have the final word. However, he DOES fully know where I stand on all issues. As the years have gone on, he has made many wonderful decisions taking into account my feelings and thoughts as well.

He has more than earned the right to be the head of our household. He works hard and provides for us. He also makes darn certain he is not selfish in his decisions. He makes his decisions based off of love for me and his family. He truly LISTENS to everything I say and even at times don’t say. Being a valuable leader of your family and home, means being considerate of others feelings and thoughts and how your decisions will affect everyone.

That leads me into my recommendation for your Valentine’s Day gift for your man. If you want to really see some sparks fly over submission to your husband…. Consider getting a remote control sexual toy for your husband to control your satisfaction  while your riding down the road on the way home from your romantic date. (Or you could be really adventurous and let him use it in the restaurant.) When you get home you could put on some sexy lingerie (for round two, because when you get home your definitely going to want him to jump your bones the rest of the way to finish round one off.)

There is plenty to be said about allowing your husband to have total control in your sexual life from beginning to end. Many women have read Fifty Shades of Grey. The number one reason that woman love those books is because the men are pleasing the woman in some unique ways. I know that in real life it’s really hard to make that happen especially when you have kids. However, I can assure you that you can get creative and make some unique memories.

I put on the super sexy Blue Royale Chemise and Thong for my husband with some fish net stockings for him the other night. For the first time in AGES I did feel sexy again for him. He was very pleased with how it looked on me. I’ve been getting a lot of different lingerie for him over the past 5 years, but this is the first outfit that made him do a triple take and act like a kid in a candy store. (Mind you, I’m no where close to being a skinny beautiful woman anymore (and he’s seen my body in every shape and size it’s been in for the past 20 years.) It was so worth it. The real benefit for me was it was comfortable to wear and stay in, and there is very few pieces of lingerie that get to claim that right.

So, ladies consider giving submission a try on all levels of your life. If nothing else, give it a try for one night. 😉 Eden Fantasys is having a lot of wonderful sales right now. They have many things besides just lingerie and toys as well!!! It is a site that covers many resources for couples!!

If you have done this before please tell me how was your experience?? If not, have you done other things that were eventful for you and your significant other??

Disclosure: I did receive the book to review from I also received the items mentioned from However, that did not affect my opinion about these items in any way.



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