Keeping a Toddler Entertained When You Are Stuck Indoors

Toddlers are little bundles of energy that want to be doing as much as they can, as often as they can. Energetic toddlers are easily entertained when the weather is good, and they can play in the great outdoors, but what do you do when you cannot get outside? How do you keep a toddler entertained when you are stuck indoors?

Bringing the Outdoors In

There are lots of fun games you can do inside, which you could do outside. For example, you could work together to create or build a fort or a den. You could play outdoor games such as hopscotch or play hide and seek in the living room instead of in the yard. Of course, you cannot bring outside toys in, but you can try and get your toddler to play along with you and use their imagination.

Encourage Messy Play

Painting, coloring, sticking, and generally making a mess is what toddlers love to do. Encouraging messy play and having a craft station with plenty of overalls is a must for any home with a toddler. Allowing your toddler to unleash their creativity and allowing them to express themselves is important. If your toddler was outside, they would be running around letting go of all that energy, but because they are stuck indoors, you need to find another outlet for them to ensure that they do not get bored.

Stimulate Their Imagination

Having go-to products is important as a parent of a toddler. Having consistency and regularity is important for them no matter what the weather. One way to get consistency and regularity is to sign up for a toddler subscription box that comes through your mailbox. A box can be tailored, personalized to your toddler, and ensure that you have something to reach for on those days you have to stay indoors.

Break The Day Up

Having a routine can sound boring, but your toddler needs some sort of a routine when they are indoors. Without a routine in place, they will peak very quickly, and unfortunately, after they have peaked, a tantrum or a meltdown will most likely follow. Planning out activities for the day and providing structure will ensure that your toddler enjoys being stuck indoors.

Tidying and Cleaning

Toddlers and little children are very helpful. They love to copy what they see, and they love to imitate the world around them. So, why not harness their love of learning and copying and get them to help you out with the household chores. Having help around the house and doing an activity together will help you form another bond with your toddler and help them develop and grow.

When you are stuck indoors with a toddler for a day, or, maybe even longer, it can be difficult to remain calm and under control. However, controlling your feelings and emotions is important, as is putting yourself in your toddlers’ shoes. They will be frustrated that they are stuck indoors, so try and take things in your stride as much as possible.




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