Is It Worth It to Try Beyond Meat?

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When I was approached to give Beyond Meat products a try, my immediate reaction was NO! I was going to turn down this campaign completely, but when I told Del about the campaign he was all for it. Considering he has to drastically change his eating habits due to his new health conditions, I decided to go ahead and take on this challenge. Yes, I considered trying Beyond Meat products a challenge!

Beyond Meat Products Challenge

The reason why it was a challenge to me is because Beyond Meat Products are NOT made out of animal parts. Instead, they are made from “using protein from plants to create delicious products ranging from chicken strips and tenders to meatballs and beef crumbles.” These #FutureofProtein products  are some of the things that Del truly enjoys eating in his meals, but he has terrible side effects when he eats things along these lines in his diet. Beyond Meat Products are made to help people still enjoy foods like beef nachos and chicken fajitas and many other delicious meal options without ingesting the harmful stuff from animal meat.

Entering the Challenge

Beyond Meat challenged me to try their products in my standard recipes instead of using the animal meats we typically used. The first thing that appealed to me was trying the meatballs in our spaghetti. It was a simple easy meal to make and I could easily switch out the meatballs without the kids being any wiser.

As you can tell from the image they don’t look any different than the typical frozen meatballs you can buy in the store now. My kids weren’t aware that they were eating anything different. Like usual, they gobbled up the meatballs and spaghetti like it was going out of style. They did comment that they tasted a bit different, but that was the extent of it.

I didn’t express any concern in the different taste. I could tell there was a difference, but not by much at all. I expected it to taste grainy and flat, but it was anything but that. In fact, they had just enough spice in them to fit in well with the spaghetti that I couldn’t tell I was eating a different brand let alone a totally different kind of ‘meat’ altogether.

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Beyond Meat Gains Athletes Approval

Beyond Meat products have so many healthy benefits for using them that many athletes have gotten on board with supporting promoting their products. Some of the benefits include GMO-FREE, animal fat-free, lower environmental impact, and hormone antibiotic-free compared to the other meal options. Eric Bledsoe  from the Phoenix Suns favorite product is The Beast Burger. He states that the nutrition factor plays a part in his training because, “It’s a very long season, so it’s important that I make sure I take care of my body and make sure I’m getting the proper nutrients throughout the year.” 

The #FutureofProtein Challenge Sweepstakes

Beyond Meat is hosting sweepstakes for the readers of the bloggers who have decided to promote their products. Since you’re one of our loyal readers you’re eligible to win too. Below are the details!

5 lucky readers of various blogs on the #FutureofProtein campaign can win prizes ranging from Le Crueset cookware, 3 months of Chef’d meal delivery, a $500 Visa Gift Card, and a chance to watch our athletes in action! 

How To Win

  • You can buy discounted Beyond Meat products with this coupon link: . (← Click link to get your coupon.)
  • Secretly substitute a Beyond Meat product in a family-favorite meal. Click here → to download Beyond Meat product info and some suggested recipes. Click here to get some suggested recipes → .
  • After everyone has enjoyed the meal, reveal to them that the meat they just ate was made from 100% plants! Capture their thoughts, comments, and of course, empty plates and happy faces.
  • Post your photos and a recap of the dinner to Instagram or Twitter by 11:00 PM PST on 10/31 tagging “@BeyondMeat” and #FutureofProtein. -This will automatically enter you in the sweepstakes.
  • Repeat whenever your family wants to enjoy protein-packed meals without the downsides of animal meat.

Good Luck! 



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