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Everything is turning to the Internet. It constantly amazes me the importance of having broadband Internet service. There are so many advantages to being on the Internet in our society now.

I literally obtained my degree via the Internet through Devry University. My husband is obtaining his degree through International Academy Design Technology. I’ve made it clear that this blogging venture has had many benefits to it as well.

Now we can watch many movies via Netflix, Redbox Instant, and even Directv online. On top of that now the new video game systems are going to be hooked to the Internet at all times to play games.

It’s unreal the way the world is changing since we’ve opened our lives up to having access to the Internet. Yet, in many ways, United States is still vastly behind the times when it comes to offer their citizens access to the Internet. I know Obama stated in his campaign that he was working on ensuring that everyone all through the US would have Internet as fast as they could make it happen. But I’m impatient to see that happen!!!

What’s worse, is I know there are many areas in the SC alone that still have to be reliant upon dial-up service. I’m sure there are many other areas in the U.S. that have this issue was well. How do you stay connected in our online world?

If other countries can do it, then why are we still behind in this area? What does the U.S. need to make it happen? These are questions that I ask all the time.

I’ve searched far and wide to get unlimited service at high speeds in our home, but to no avail! We’ve done all I know to do to get cable TV and Internet here, but then they changed the terms. I hope they hurry up and get it here!

Do you have high speed Internet where you live? Is it unlimited?





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