How to travel to Saint Barth

Saint Barthélemy was a French commune and, for many years, part of Guadeloupe (an overseas region and department of France). It is the only Caribbean island that was a Swedish colony for a significant time. In the year 2003, the island voted in favor of leaving Guadeloupe to form a separate overseas collectivity.

The capital is Gustavia, where the main harbor is located. If you are coming by boat, you will land here. Saint Barth is a volcanic island surrounded by shallow reefs perfect for the ferry to cross from Marigot on the French side of Saint-Martin and other ferries cross from Simpson Bay and Philipsburg on the Dutch side of Sint-Maarten. The advantages of coming to St. Barts by ferry are a slightly lower price than regular commercial flights and the possibility of carrying more luggage. Still, the crowds and the service aren’t guaranteed to be spectacular.

The best time to go is March and April when the crowds thin out and the rates drop slightly. Just be sure to avoid Easter, Spring Break, and the annual St. Barths Bucket Regatta. Late November to early January is the height of tourist season when all the Americans come to the party. Prices are high, and there are crowds everywhere. The weather is warm all year, so temperatures aren’t a factor to consider when planning a holiday getaway here. Hurricane season is from June through November, and any plans during this time could be outright squashed as businesses close and flights are canceled due to a storm.

The main gateway by air is St Barts Airport (SBH) through Juliana Airport (SXM)

located on the Dutch side of St Maarten. Twenty-two commercial airlines arrive daily through this port. Departures from the American cities of Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, New York, Newark, Philadelphia, and Washington will get you here directly. From Europe, direct flights are a bit more limited, with only Amsterdam and Paris offering direct flights.

The best way to arrive is by private jet charter. Do you remember the last time you flew on a commercial flight with all those people crowding on board? On a nonstop private flight, you will arrive at Princess Juliana Airport (SXM), the closest airport to transfer to Saint Barthélemy (SBH).

The runway is only six hundred and sixty-one meters long, and the largest plane capable of landing on this short airstrip is one with just nineteen seats. On a private jet, you can fly according to your own schedule. Imagine not having to wait in the queue at the check-in counter, you don’t need a ticket, and you don’t need to go through security or customs. Just show up minutes before take-off and board the plane directly from the runway.

If you’re coming to stay in your villa with friends or family, then a private jet allows you to start the party even before landing and spend more time with your crew. Bring your surfboards, pets, music, and alcohol on board and enjoy a luxurious life. How you are treated also makes all the difference in holiday getaways; onboard a PJ, you will be number one. You can pre-order your favorite food and drinks and have them all with excellent service.

When you arrive, there is no better feeling than having your accommodations already secure; the driver will take you directly from your private plane to your private Villa when you stay in a villa in Saint Barth. Spend your holiday in luxury and with the best service, the island has to offer. This is a beautiful private villa with sumptuous bedrooms, a gorgeous private pool, and views that make your followers jealous. Only here is this level of refined experience available. Anything from an in-room massage to a private chef is available with a simple call to the villa manager. Staying in your very own private villa will be a holiday guaranteed to relax your mind and body.




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