How To Take Care Of Your Feet

Healthy feet are an essential part of a healthy life — after all, your feet do the bulk of the work every day, from walking to standing to playing sports. Taking good care of your feet is more than just an occasional massage and making sure you have the right size shoes to hike in. 

Of course, all feet are not the same. If you have bone deformities or joint problems, it is worth investigating Corrective Cosmetic Foot Surgery. Things such as bunions, ingrown toenails, hammer toe, or bone spurs can cause intense pain and hinder your ability to walk or your general mobility. 

Just like daily oral care — brushing your teeth and flossing — daily foot care is a routine you may not be doing often enough. Here are a few ways to keep your feet healthy and happy, so they can continue to support your every day.

Lessen Pain For Better Gain

Do your feet hurt? It can be hard to deal with everyday tasks when your feet are swollen, sore, or in pain. Consider swapping out your footwear; using the same shoes every day, especially if you routinely wear high heels or flats, can cause stress on your feet if the shoes don’t have proper support. Also, avoid tight-fitting shoes when possible; they shouldn’t pinch or constrict your feet for any length of time. If fashion is key to your style, consider supports or inserts for your shoes to give your feet some extra help in supporting you, no matter the occasion. 

Roll With It

Yes, everyone is busy all the time, but that doesn’t mean you need to stay on your feet constantly — even if your job requires a lot of standing. Whenever you have the opportunity to sit down and put your feet up, take a moment to take the pressure off your feet so they can get a little break. 

One easy way to work out stress from your feet is to use a tennis ball or stress relief ball to gently loosen up tight muscles and soothe cramps. Don’t stand on the ball, but while sitting, roll your foot across the ball with gentle pressure. Ahh, that’s the spot.

A Little TLC

Pedicures are a great way to pamper yourself and give your feet a little extra love. But for everyday maintenance and care, here are some simple tips for treating your feet well.

Moisturize — quality skin care cream or oils can rejuvenate your skin and keep your feet from developing unsightly dry patches or itchy skin. Just remember not to work between your toes; the sensitive skin there needs to be kept dry to avoid infections.

File — keeping your toenails trimmed is a key part of having pain-free feet, and avoiding the trials of removing an ingrown nail. Once your nails are clipped short, take a nail file and buff the nail edges straight. This prevents snares in your socks or leggings and helps your toes fit more comfortably in your shoes.

Warm Is the New Hot — when you soak your feet, use warm water so the heat doesn’t dry out your skin as much. A gentle wash when you shower helps keep your feet fit and looking great.




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