How To Protect Your Home From Being Cased By Burglars

A home break-in can be a traumatic experience. There are ways to protect your home and signs to look for if someone is casing your home. Let’s look at some ways to protect your home from thieves.

Don’t Make It Obvious You Are Away

It is important to make sure your home looks lived in when you are not at home. Make it look like someone is there and put lights on timers or get a security system installed if you can afford one. Thieves will move on to an easier target if they think that your house or apartment is occupied, especially by people who have the ability to protect themselves. If you are not home, make sure to keep the windows and doors locked at all times. You may also want to play music or a TV when you are away.

Build A Fence

Thieves always want to have an easy time when committing a burglary. If there are no fences around your house and backyard, this makes it easier for thieves to get into your home without being seen. You can’t watch all parts of your home all the time, so this is a good way for burglars to get in.

Create A Safe Room

Having a safe room can also help keep you and your family safe during a crisis. Burglars typically hit the master bedroom at night because everyone is asleep and they know it’s most likely where you store your valuables like jewelry or cash. If you have a safe room, such as a closet or reinforced area, you can at least keep yourself and your loved ones safe while you call the authorities.

Don’t Show Off Valuable Items

Avoid placing things of high value within view of a window in your home. If someone has been casing your home, they’ll know what you have just by looking at the type of cars in your driveway or things that are hanging on the wall. Utilize your indoor garage for your cars if you have one. If you have an entry parlor, consider keeping it plain, hanging worthless art on the walls, or having small, easily breakable frames.

Be Vigilant of Suspicious Behavior

If you notice any strange vehicles parked nearby your house, someone loitering around your home, or people who seem out of place, notify the authorities immediately. You can also look into getting a neighborhood watch program set up. If you care for your neighbors and help them by looking out for their homes as well, they will do the same for your home.

Beware of Strangers At The Door

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and ask for ID if someone comes to your door. Ask what they are selling or if they have a sales pitch of any kind, but do not let them in! Someone may use flyers to come up to your door without causing suspicion and sneak a peek through a window to access what or who is inside.

Never open the door to someone without knowing who they are and why they’re there. Consider using a Ring video doorbell in order to see who is at your door before you let them in.

In conclusion, learn as much as possible to protect your home from burglars. Knowing when someone may be casing your house is important. Make sure you have a security system with alarms and cameras or a large dog that can scare off burglars. View more information about security systems. The more time you spend analyzing these signs, the better chance you have of preventing a break-in from happening.



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