How to Modernize Farmhouse Chic for Your Kitchen

There’s never been a better time to incorporate modern farmhouse kitchen decor into your home. The farmhouse trend is starting to modernize and we’re seeing a new and fresh approach to decorating with cozy and rustic charm. Consider this your guide to modernizing the farmhouse style of your kitchen. 

Why Start Your Farmhouse Redesign in the Kitchen

The kitchen is the best room to start your farmhouse modernizing redesign. So, what makes the kitchen the best room to start with?

Kitchens have a natural link to the farmhouse style. This allows you to start building up your modern farmhouse design in your kitchen. Kitchens are where families and friends come together and this allows us to use the space as a bit of a springboard for new styles. The fact that kitchens are both utility rooms, as well as living space, allows them to be the heart of a home.

This gives kitchens the freedom to stand on their own two feet. You can update the style of your kitchen without having to worry about clashing and contrasting as you upgrade the style of the rest of your home.

Now let’s talk about what separates this modern farmhouse style from the more rustic and country looks. 

What Separates the Modern Farmhouse Style from Country and Rustic Looks?

Many people associated modern farmhouse kitchen decor with country and rustic styles. While there is some overlap, there are also important differences. 

The modernized farmhouse style isn’t afraid to add some flair that would be otherwise out of place in a more rustic home. When we think of country and rustic, we tend to lean more towards the vacation cabin or ranch aesthetics. A modern farmhouse is just as at home in the country as it would be in a big city condo. 

This is a style that blends together the best of a refined, simplified modern design with more rustic elements from the farmhouses of yesteryear. It’s all about bringing that relaxation and charm into your home. 

It all starts with picking the right colors. 

Starting With Colors

Bright or dark, colorful or subdued, picking the right colors for your modern farmhouse kitchen offers you more flexibility than you might think. 

Yes, greys, blues, and shades of white are the standards for farmhouse design. A little robin’s egg here and some slate can quickly evoke a contemporary farmhouse. However, don’t be afraid to go bold—as long as you keep things under control. 

Farmhouse colors have that faded, slightly worn look. This means matte paints and inviting small imperfections into your paint job. The real-deal farmhouses don’t have totally flawless paint jobs, so why should your kitchen? 

The materials we decorate with also help complete the farmhouse package. 

Thinking About Materials

What materials bring to mind the farmhouse style? We work with woods, metal, and stone to tie our decor into the natural setting of the farmhouse. If you’re going for the modernized look, stick with these materials and you’ll have so much more flexibility than you might think at first. 

Here’s where you can push the boundaries. 

Where to Push the Aesthetic Boundaries

Don’t add a giant 60s plastic hand chair to the middle of your farmhouse kitchen if you’re looking to break the mold and push the boundaries of style. Remember the materials we talked about above? Even when you’re pushing the boundaries, you should stick with those materials and the colors we talked about.

So, where can you challenge the convention to design? The place to start is right in the word itself: the design.

A great way to add a splashy piece to your modern farmhouse is by adding in an eye-catching chandelier. This not only lets it stand out as a strong centerpiece, but also separates it from the rest of the design so it looks like the focal point that it is. Speaking of decorating, where should you start? 

Decorating the Modern Farmhouse

The best modern farmhouse kitchen decor builds on the principles we talked about here. Simple, nearly rustic style with a modern edge lets you refine this style classic. 



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