How to Make Shoe Shopping Easier


A friend of mine recently picked up a job at a podiatry clinic, and she’s learned so much about good footwear and how important it is to take care of your feet! I visited her a couple of weeks ago, and we got to talking about what good footwear is and how to make sure it’s right for your feet.. and I have to say, I came away from that conversation with a lot of knowledge that I wanted to share. So here’s a few tips on shoe shopping and how to make things easier for yourself.

Before you go anywhere, trace your feet onto a sheet of paper. Having a tracing of both feet allows you to save loads of time in the shoe store, since you can just take a shoe you’re interested in and put it on the tracing. If it’s too wide or too narrow, too long or too short, you’ll know to put it down, and you won’t have even taken your own shoes off!

Every shoe store should have their own sizing device, so try your best to have your feet measured a couple of times at different places so you know your size and width properly. Different companies use different measuring systems (for example, Drew’s uses their own system), but having a general idea of what size you are is going to help you tremendously when you’re out and about.

Using the tracing, and having your shoe size in mind after it’s been measured by someone for you, you should have a much easier time shoe shopping than you did before!



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