How to Make Playing Bingo Easy

The game of bingo is a game of chance that requires a lot of good luck rather than concentration, as if it were an online casino with real money atmosphere.

This is an activity to enjoy with the family and, as it is not necessary to think much and is fun, it is ideal to clear up during leisure time.

Learn how to play bingo and, on your next purchase, get one of these games or get a homemade bingo with recycled materials like the one we showed you in a previous post.

How to play Bingo?


Bingo is made up of a considerable amount of cards composed of randomly numbered boxes and balls engraved with the numbers 1 to 90.

Although they are not part of the game, it is important that before carrying out the activity you get prizes divided into two categories:

Prizes of lesser value

Most valuable awards

The elements of each category will be defined by the group according to their preferences. Whether it is a pot of ice cream, the promise of a walk, a new backpack…, everything will serve to reward the winners.

How to play bingo

Playing bingo is very easy…

One of those present will be in charge of moving the numbered balls inside a screen, taking them out at random, stating their number and discarding them.

Each participant will take some cards (all of them, the same amount) and, together with the person who “sings” the numbers, he will mark the digits stated on his cards.

The aim of the game is to set up two types of plays

  • The line: Succession of five boxes marked in a row
  • Bingo: A succession of 20 boxes marked in a row

When a player completes the first succession of numbers (the line) for the first time in the game, he will report his achievement and should be rewarded with one of the least valuable prizes.

The activity will continue until one of the competitors has the sequence of 20 numbers ready and at the voice of Bingo! announces their victory. That participant will be awarded the prize of most value.

After this, the discarded balls will be returned to the screen, the players will clean their cards (if they wish they can change them), the screen will be removed and the game will begin again.

This is a very entertaining game that will keep the competitors alert and promote joy in the group. It can be played both indoors and outdoors and is ideal for grouping different age groups in the same leisure time.

Have you ever considered doing a children’s bingo?

It’s a very complete game for learning the numbers. Whether you already recognize the numbers one through six, or even twelve. It’s great for them to assimilate the numbers with the drawings on the dice, and the best way to learn it is by playing. In addition, this game facilitates the recognition of the quantity with the drawing/strip of the number. Making a children’s bingo can be a good option to have fun together on those long afternoons without a nap.

How do we do it? Very simple, you know we like to prepare simple activities and games for our little ones.

We will need charts with numbers; numbers from one to twelve. They can be numbers adapted from some game as we have done or create chips with numbers. These can be made with cardboard or even paper and this is what replaces the typical balls.

We will also need the cardboards with the series of numbers that we have to complete. These cards are also made with cardboard or paper. According to the time you want to last or according to the resources you have at home at that time.

And finally, two normal Crabs.




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