How to Handle the Never-Ending List As a Work-At-Home Mother

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, individuals working at home increased from 22% in 2019 to 42% in 2020, which was almost double the rate. As children stayed home from school more so in 2020, it fell on work-at-home parents, whether mothers or fathers, to handle the kids’ homeschooling, working from home, and handling home responsibilities all at once.

In 2020, 15.31 million children lived with single mothers in America, while 3.27 million children resided with single fathers. Hence, mothers are usually the default parent because they are single parents or because of how the roles are distributed in a two-parent household.

If you are a work-at-home mom, you know the struggle of the never-ending list of things to do. When you have downtime, you can try sports betting if you like to watch professional sports. If you have the extra discretionary income, it can be a fun and thrilling way to see if your favorite teams win as you place your bets.

Set Reasonable Goals Each Day

Rather than pile your to-do list with so many things to do in one day, have a few set special goals to work on daily while also taking into account your daily tasks. Some tasks do not have to be done daily and can be done once a week instead. Choose two to three special tasks to do per day outside of your regular daily tasks.

An example below is that you can write down on a pen and pad to differentiate your daily and special tasks.

Daily Tasks

  • Work shift.
  • Wash and dry the dishes.
  • Pick up the living clutter (toys, food dishes, etcetera).
  • Clean the tables.
  • Bedtime routine with the children.

Special Tasks


  • Dust living room surfaces.
  • Clean the bathroom.


  • Wash and dry the laundry.
  • Fold, hang, and put away laundry.

Write out a weekly to-do list every Sunday night. Separate your tasks into each day. Place it on your fridge for a visual view of what tasks you have completed and what you still need to do. Check off each thing that you do daily to keep yourself on track.

If a new time-sensitive task pops up during your week, choose the day that works best for you to complete it. Note it under your special task list for that day.

Set a Deadline and After That, Relax

Once you have reached a personal deadline for completing all your tasks, then it’s time to relax. Do not beat yourself if you do not finish all of your tasks. Every day is different and unexpected things can hinder you from completing everything on your to-do list.

Give yourself some grace. As long as you and your children’s basic needs are met, that is all that matters. The cleaning can always wait until the next day when you have more time and fewer unexpected events.

Stay Focused

Working from home can pose many distractions. The kids want a snack. You want to take a peek at your social media page for a small break.

Of course, you can give yourself small breaks during your work shifts and household responsibilities within reason. However, do not lose focus on the end goal. Once you have everything done for the day, you can breathe that sigh of relief that you conquered the hurdle and can relax for the remainder of the night.

Stay Strong, Mom!

Life is a big balance, so you mine as well say we moms are trapeze artists. Find your center and don’t give up!



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