How to Get Your Kids Excited About Opera

Do you love the surge of energy that engulfs you when the orchestra begins to play? The thrill of watching a timeless story come to life on stage? If so, you know how enriching the art form of opera can be. But when it comes to kids, opera might not be their first choice for entertainment. Many may believe it’s boring, too extravagant, or simply dull. So how can you ignite the same love for opera in your young ones? 

Experience Opera Together

The key to getting your children excited about something new is to make it an enjoyable shared experience. Therefore, the first step in nurturing their love for opera is to participate together. A trip to a Verona Opera Concert can be an excellent start. Imagine the wonderment in your child’s eyes as they experience the grandeur of the setting and the powerful performance of the artists. Be sure to do some vacation planning beforehand to ensure a smooth trip. 

Utilize Technology 

In this technologically advanced era, why leave out the utility of gadgets in the exploration of opera? Animated and simplified caricature versions of famous operas available on platforms like YouTube might be helpful. Show them movies like ‘The Magic Flute’ or ‘Turandot’ where opera is presented in a child-friendly way. When children see a story unfold amidst melodic tunes and the creative use of masks, costumes, and lighting, they’re likely to become more captivated by the unique world of opera.

Be Their Guide 

As adults, we have learned to appreciate the constructs of opera – the high-pitched arias, the dramatic plots, and the elaborate staging. But these could be entirely foreign concepts to your child. Take the time to explain what makes opera special—the storyline, the language used, and the extravagant staging. Help them understand the purpose of each stage prop, the meaning behind each sonnet, and the role of every character. Being their guide can pave the way to their appreciation of this art form. 

Plan Fun Learning Activities

Children tend to learn more when lessons are incorporated into fun activities. Organize some opera-themed activities at home such as staging a mini-opera using their favorite fairy tales, playing dress-up, or even composing an opera-related art or craft project. These interactive experiences will build positive associations and make their engagement with opera fun, creative, and exciting.

Engage Their Curiosity 

Inquire about their favorite part of an opera or which character they loved the most. Encourage them to draw connections between the plots, characters, or themes of the opera and their own lives or experiences. By actively engaging their curiosity and making opera relevant, you can help foster their understanding and enthusiasm for this wondrous medium.

Join an Opera Club

Another productive way to get your children interested in opera is by joining a local kids’ opera club. They can meet like-minded peers, and engage in group activities related to opera, broadening their exposure and interest.


While getting your children excited about opera may seem like a daunting task, a methodical and patient approach can help. By experiencing opera together, introducing the art form in easily digestible formats, planning interactive activities, and encouraging open discussions, your youngsters might just develop a newfound love for opera. As parents or caretakers, nurturing their interest is a long-term process, one in which your child’s familiarity and fondness for opera will hopefully bloom. Remember, the objective isn’t to turn them into overnight opera lovers but to expose them to a whole new world of storytelling, theatre, and sublime music.



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