How to Enrich Your Dog’s Life & Stop Them Getting Bored

Yes, dogs do get bored just like humans. If they are cooped up in a house or apartment all day, they tend to get bored and sometimes destructive. A dog which lacks stimulation for hours on end is more likely to get into trouble and as a pet owner it is your responsibility to ensure they live in a stimulating environment. So, how do we prevent our pets from getting bored?

Reading the Signs of Boredom > Knowing when your dog is bored, and lacking stimulation is important. Just like providing them with a comfortable bed, healthy food and pet insurance is essential, so is regular exercise and mental stimulation. Dogs are intelligent animals; some breeds have a higher IQ than others. You’ll find dogs working for the armed forces, the fire brigade and the police. They are easy to train, and they can help us to complete jobs more effectively and efficiently.

If you don’t take some time to entertain your dog, they will get bored and start to look for ways to keep themselves amused. When they get bored, dogs tend to rip up the furniture, dig several big holes in your backyard and bark a lot. If this practice is allowed to develop from puppyhood, you’ll have a destructive canine on your hands. Breaking this habit at any early age is important, but it can only be done by ensuring they are entertained throughout the day.

How to Keep Your Dog Stimulated > A dog that is exposed to daily stimulation doesn’t only not get bored; they tend to be healthier with more positive personalities. Some of the most important stimuli for dogs include:

  • Taking them for a walk in a range of different locations – beach, nature trail, parks etc.
  • Exposing them to new, exciting experiences
  • Giving them the chance to learn new things and solve problems
  • Ensuring they interact with their surroundings and explore new objects

If your family pet is sitting around the house or apartment all day without any outlets, they are likely to get bored.

How to Help > There are plenty of ways to keep your dog happy, one of the easiest is to take them for regular walks. If you give your dog plenty of exercise, they’ll get tired and sleep like a baby. Once you get home, all you have to do is provide them with a good meal and send them to bed.

Dogs also need to socialise with other dogs, sending them to doggy care ensures their mind is engaged in social stimulation. You can also purchase new toys for them to play with and make mealtime more fun. If your friends have dogs, let them mix with other animals.

Dogs, like humans, tend to get bored without the proper physical and mental stimulation. Sitting around the house all day with no one to play with isn’t good for a dog’s health. Make sure they get plenty of exercise and try to introduce new toys and games every few weeks. Creating a new routine will ensure you have a happy, healthy canine.




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