How to Create the Perfect Backyard Oasis

As many of us are staying home more (and will be well into the fall months), now is a great time to create a backyard oasis to enjoy with your family. Here are some easy steps to transform your backyard into a relaxing and inviting space you will want to spend time in:

Find the Right Seating for Your Space

Finding the right furniture for your backyard can make or break your outdoor area. Outdoor furniture is an expensive investment and one of the things I have learned is that cheap furniture may end up costing you more. Though it may be tempting, don’t automatically purchase based on the lowest price as the quality often times reflects the price tag and may cost you more as you will need to replace it sooner. A great option I came across is a beautiful all-in-one Cabana Pergola made by the experts at Backyard Discovery. These structures not only come with the option of comfortable furniture made with durable Sunbrella fabric, but they offer some overhead shade with the unique design that provides privacy. It is also adaptable into almost any backyard and makes an instant statement! They are offering my readers an exclusive code for $600 off any order now through August 31 – just use code Tidbits at checkout.

Add a Fire Pit or Fire Table

Adding a fire table creates ambiance and function. Fire pits or tables are perfect for entertaining, cooking, making smores and just creating a warm glow as you sit outside at night. There are some great options you can find on sites like Amazon and Overstock.

Focus on Details

Adding an outdoor rug under your seating area along with some faux (or real!) plants can really take an outdoor space to the next level. A simple pop of color transforms a space into an oasis and makes it an extension of your indoor living space. There are no shortages of outdoor rugs available and they come in all shapes and sizes. (Tidbits of Experience to insert favorite links here). Adding string lights is another great and inexpensive was to create ambiance. Whether strung overhead or wrapped around a nearby tree or fence, string lights are adaptable to any type of backyard and provide a festive atmosphere during warmer summer and fall evenings.

Add Soothing Sounds

Whether a wind chime or the trickle of a nearby fountain, adding soothing sounds can help finish your backyard oasis into a spa-like atmosphere for the entire family. You can find some great options.

Now that you have ideas to create your own backyard retreat, you can click through to purchase what will work for you space and the simply sit back and enjoy for years to come!



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