How to Choose Your Lucky Numbers

Everyone should have a lucky number. Not only so you can answer that old schoolyard question: ‘what’s your lucky number?’ but also so that you have a fall-back choice whenever you need to give a random number.

Want to know what numbers to pick for a lottery draw? Go with the lucky number! Playing roulette? Having a lucky number will help. Need to pick a locker in the changing rooms that you’ll remember? Again, why not a lucky number?

Some life coaches and mystics even say that a lucky number can act as a ‘guiding principle’ in your life!

The only problem is, not everyone has a lucky number to begin with. Lucky numbers are hard to come-by seeing as numbers are pretty ‘dry’ generally. Somehow finding an attachment to a number can be tricky, so how do you choose one number from another?

Here are some strategies you can use to find a favorite…

Pick a Number That Already Has Meaning for You

While numbers might be ‘dry’, they can nevertheless have meaning attached to them. It’s not the number that matters so much in this case but rather what they represent. So why not pick a number to represent your birthday, the birthday of your child, your graduation date or maybe your partner’s anniversary? You could even pick a favorite year, or a favorite month of the year.

Pay Attention…

If you open your eyes and pay attention, you will often find that coincidences and patterns can be found around every corner. It may well be that a particular number has already been very lucky for you – maybe it keeps cropping up or maybe you keep throwing it during a board game.

If a number is already working for you… go with it!

Use Someone Else’s

If you have a wise Grandma or a partner who has a lucky number that they swear by, then ask if you can share it. This way, the number will not only act as a nice reminder of that person but you will also have a good testimonial that it works…


Synesthesia is a condition that causes you to see colors and even experience feelings in relation to music, words and numbers. Not everyone has synesthesia but if you think about it, you will probably still find that some numbers make you feel a certain way. Which numbers make you feel good?

The Practical Side

There are also some practical considerations to bear in mind when picking your number.

For instance, if your lucky number is 5,678, then you will struggle when told to pick a number between 1-10.

Then again, if you pick a lucky number like ‘5’, then you will probably share that same number with countless other people (it’s nice to have a number that’s unique).

Pick a number that isn’t too high but that isn’t too generic then. A number like ’17’ is a great choice.

And now if you’re asked to pick a number between 1-10, you can pick one of the digits (7) or a fraction of your chosen number.

Good luck!





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6 comments on “How to Choose Your Lucky Numbers”

  1. I tend to think 15 is my lucky number as i was born on that date. And now my grandson was born on 5/15 so there it popped up again. 😉

    • That is sweet. Many people do tend to choose their birthdays as their lucky numbers. I do know my birthday has given me plenty of good luck throughout the years.

  2. This was intertaining and I am glad you mentioned Synesthesia as that fascinates me. People who work with numbers everyday find that there are spooky coincidences with them in spurts that is mysterious.

  3. I think we all have lucky numbers. I also think most people are superstitious too. I always go by my gut feelings and that usually works out for some reason. Interesting post!


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