How to Choose the Best Funeral Home for a Loved One That Passed Away

Death is an unfortunate fact that touches families across the nation and the world. Even before Covid, around 2.8 million people died in the US each year. When that fact reaches out and touches your own family, it brings a host of other responsibilities with it.

For example, you must worry about things like a will, estate, and probate. Beyond that, you must also make funeral arrangements. Unless a family has proven deeply unlucky, making those arrangements will be a new task.

So, how do you go about doing something like choosing the best funeral home for your loved one? Keep reading and we’ll cover some key things to keep in mind as you make that choice.

Transparent Fees

While it’s incredibly distasteful to anyone with a working conscience, some funeral homes are less than scrupulous. One of the simplest ways a funeral home can fleece mourners is with deceptive or non-transparent billing.

Look for a funeral home that provides transparent fees. That helps ensure that you don’t get a nasty surprise or go way beyond your funeral budget.

What’s the Staff Like?

While any business worth it’s salt will put someone with good sales and social skills out to deal with customers, that doesn’t mean everyone at the business will prove compassionate about your situation. Ask to meet the other people on staff and interact with them for a few minutes.

If you get the sense that the rest of the staff just punch a clock, consider other funeral homes.

Services Provides

Almost every funeral home will offer a few basic services, such as embalming and providing a space for viewing. While valuable, there are other services that some funeral homes provide that will make your life easier.

Think in terms of things like transporting your loved one to the cemetery and writing an obituary. While these may seem minor when considered during normal times, they can feel like insurmountable tasks in the center of grief. Taking those things off your plate can make it easier for you to focus on things like writing the best eulogy.


The location of a funeral home can also matter. Do you want a local funeral home that is close to the cemetery or one that is close to your home?

Selecting one that’s close to the cemetery can simplify transportation. One that’s closer to your home can make attending the viewing simpler for friends and family.

Picking the Best Funeral Home

Picking the best funeral home for your needs is something best done in advance, if possible. Picking in advance lets you approach the decision with a clearer head. It also removes a lot of decisions you will likely not care that much about after a death of a loved one.

Look for things like transparent pricing, a compassionate staff, and the right location. Also consider the overall services provided, as it can simplify your life to bundle services.

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