How To Beat The Slot RNG

Slots have come a long way since they were invented in the 19th century. The first slot was a complex piece of engineering, whilst most slots today exist only on a computer screen. Early slots allowed for physical contact between punter and machine, online slots removed this aspect from gaming. Slots have always been versatile forms of gambling that have quickly adapted to changes within society and they have benefitted from doing so – check out StarSlots. Even gambling bans could not halt their development, and these bans that occurred throughout history actually helped create the classic fruit-themed slots that still exist today.

1996 A Year Of Innovation

In 1996 two events took place that created waves in the gambling industry. Both innovations were created during the digital revolution that continues to shape today’s world. The first major breakthrough in the modernization of the gambling industry came in the shape of the development of the very first online casino. This offered mainly classic table games to the gambling public. Hot on the heels of this was creating the very first video slot. Both proved to be hugely popular, and they widened the appeal of gambling and brought a new demographic to the tables. Record numbers of women took to slots, and the appeal was the easy accessibility that online gambling brought to the public. Punters could gamble in the comfort of their own homes, away from less inviting traditional gambling environments.

New Terms For A New Era

Digital online slots continued to advance, and now they are more immersive than a slot has ever been, and the graphics standard continues to improve rapidly. Slots now include animation and 3D imagery as part of the package too. Slots also tend to be themed or based on films and TV shows that come with a ready-made fan base. These new style slots operate differently from the ones that came before them, and they have also created some new terms that punters commonly come into contact with regularly. The most popular new terms are RNG and RTP, which are important in understanding modern slots’ operation. Since no lever is pulled or buttons physically pressed on slots that only exist in a virtual world, a fair system that generates spins randomly has had to be created. Creating the RNG or Random Number Generator is the solution behind unbiased slot spins on modern online video slots. This computer microchip constantly produces number sequences turned into millions of random spins across an entire casino network of games. Some of these randomly generated spins are good, and some are bad. It is impossible to tamper with an online RNG, and there isn’t a way to beat it either. There is no advice on how to win at slot machines, but you can improve your chances of being on end. You can however, improve your chances of being on the end of decent spins if you choose games that have high RTP or Return To Player percentage scores. This ensures you have the best chance of having a decent percentage of your staking money returned to you over time.

Manipulating The RNG

You may worry that, though players cannot do anything to affect the RNG, the casinos the games are in may be able to. This is extremely unlikely to be what happens. For starters, what would a casino get by doing that? Their players lose the majority of the time anyway, and when they do win it’s so rare that it isn’t going to cause the casino a problem.

Additionally, if players never won anything, they’d quickly look elsewhere for places to have fun, therefore earning zero profit altogether for the casino. It simply is not worthwhile and does not make some sense for a casino to do this. No one is helped by it.

Wrap up

All in all, you can’t really trick the slot machine, but as we said, you can help yourself by improving your chances of being on end. And remember – the most important part when gambling is to have fun!




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