How Moms Can Monetize Their Blogs

Blogging systems like WordPress have changed the way millions of people distribute and consume information. A blog is the perfect online platform to inform people about a particular niche, topic, industry or other areas of interest for online users.

Many blogs are started as a hobby but turn into huge money making machines. These blogs become extremely successful because the blogger who created the blog as a hobby has a genuine interest in the topic they blog about. This puts them in a unique position. They are the perfect people to review products, talk about events in their favorite niche and much more.

This activity is not confined to experts which make it an, even more, attractive way to generate money talking about something you have a deep interest in. These are the most effective ways moms can monetize their blogs.


Create a Subscriber List through Your Blog

Keeping in regular contact with your blog visitors through email is an extremely powerful way to build lasting relationships. Once a person becomes a subscriber it’s an indication that they trust you and want to find out more about what you have to say about a particular topic, both you and your subscriber are interested in.

This relationship is strengthened if you send valuable content, tips and advice on the topic. Eventually, you can recommend products and services to your subscribers. These products can be your own products and services or someone else’s. If they’re someone else’s products and services, plenty of companies are willing to pay you a commission for the publicity. However, only recommend high-quality products and services to your subscribers or you will quickly lose their trust. Many will even ignore your messages or unsubscribe from your subscriber list altogether.

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Video, Banner and Link Ads

If your blog becomes popular and you start attracting large numbers of visitors, this activity can attract people who want to advertise on your blog too. Many companies are willing to pay blog owners money to place video, banner and link ads on their blogs. These should be related to the content on your blog and can generate a nice income for very little effort. Once again, make sure you only advertise reputable businesses with high-quality products and services.

Create Premium Content and Membership Areas

A blog is an excellent resource for attracting visitors with a general interest in what you publish. However, there are visitors who will have a deeper interest in your content. They are often willing to spend large sums of money on content which is difficult to find elsewhere online. The most popular types of premium content and memberships include high-quality posts, private forums and training courses. Much of this content will take up a lot of online space and needs to be uploaded regularly.

Every mom who has a blog knows a lot about the topics included in the blog. This gives you a unique opportunity to build amazing relationships with your audience and make money from your efforts at the same time!




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