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La Dixie Dawn
By: Pamela Bunch
It seems forever trapped in a foreign land
Mud, snow, salt and cold–people and weather, too.
She tried to be friendly only to recieve, “What’s wrong with you??”
Mud, mud, mud, grey skies and no sand.
Born in that foreign place
Certainly not home, just a place to live
Many years wasted, but never did she give
Up her heart of Dixie.
Longing to go back
But she always seems to lack
The means or the way
Up north she was destined to stay?
Living for someone else
Her dreams not worth a dime?
Someday she’d go home
With much prayer
A lot of guts and a dare
Mistakes were made, that’s for sure
But there is a cure.
Prayer alone wasn’t enough, but she found it at last
Faith and belief, along with prayer, she put dreams in
Jesus’ hand
And then took a stand
And let go of the past
Now she is where the dawn shines blue
Birds sing year round and people say “Hello”
Instead of
“What’s wrong with you?”
Friends, ones ou know and ones you don’t
She absolutely won’t
Put Yankee tags on her vehicle again!!
She’ll stay where teh weather and the people are warm.
Roots, a home, for the first time ever
Not just a house to dwell
Her home in Dixie, she’ll never sell
For all the fancy dwellings up there
First time she showed it to a friend from up there
Before it was hers, the house was still bare
Across the back yard two deer and a fawn
Ran right across the pasture of La Dixie Dawn




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