Is Half-Life Still A Good Game?

Gamers have a habit of singing the praises of games long past. Be it games that they remember fondly, or games that were considered amazing at the time of their release, there is a constant reference to old classics. One of the games that is infamous for receiving praise is Half-Life, which is often called one of the greatest games of all time.

But, looking back at a game in memory is one thing, and going back and playing that old game is something entirely different, unless of course it’s the online Blackjack Canada has to offer, as those games are prenialy good. Is Half-Life still a good game when played now, and compared to the modern games of this gaming era. Let’s take a look.

Hard On The Eyes

One thing is for certain, a person playing Half-Life now will immediately be struck by how poorly the game has aged in the graphics department. But then Half-Life life did come out in 1998, and the game was certainly only good looking when seeing it in that context. By all accounts, Half-Life is now hideous. But then, which game in 1998 is not hideous?

It’s simply unfair to judge a game from 1998 on it’s graphics. After all, the resources available for games of the time were extremely limited in comparison to modern games. Half-Life should instead be judged on it’s gameplay.

A No Cover Shooter

At its core Half-Life is a shooter, and so should be judged as one. And here modern gamers will likely be in for another surprise. Half-Life is a very straightforward shooting experience, not expecting players to make use of cover at all. This gives a very blunt, straightforward gaming experience, with bullets thudding into the player almost constantly. In comparison to a modern shooter, it certainly wouldn’t be called realistic or tactical.

To compensate for the barrage of punishment the player takes, the game is extremely generous with health packs. All being said, the game is cycle of engaging fights, hoping to win with some health, and searching for health items.

Extremely Innovative

This might all sound like Half-Life is a poor game in hindsight, but there is one area in which the game still shines loud and clear; it’s innovation. This PS4 game is creative, interesting, features a number of unique enemies, and has extremely varied environments. There are almost no two areas of the game that are the same, with new enemies and obstacles being introduced at a regular pace.

From facing zombies and jumping headcrabs one moment, to engaging an enormous three headed aliens monster the next, the game is superior in changing up challenges, keeping the player guessing, and constantly being fresh within its own confines.

There is no other way to put it other than that Half-Life is still an impressively creative and innovative game. Given the confines the developers were working under, what they managed to create is still something to be marvelled at. Half-Life may have aged in some ways, but is still well deserving of it’s legendary status.



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