Great Health Benefits Of Steam Shower and Important Usage Tips

Do we know all about the shower?

Showering. We all do that. Usually on traditional way, in your bath or cabin. There is no better way to start, or finish your day, especially if it was hard. It could relax you, or pull you up, and you will definitely feel better after. But did you heard for the best steam shower? Did you have a chance to try it? And did you know that the ancient Romans and Greeks were aware of the benefits of water vapor?

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One thing is certain; the steam shower has lots of benefits for your health and for your body. That is actually very simple to standard showering cabin that you probably use lots of time so far. But your body will not be treated with water, but steam. The system produces water vapor and dispersing it all around you. The cabin is sealed, so the vapor can’t go out.

Benefits and Advantages of Steam Shower

The great advantage of the steam bath is a beneficial effect to the skin, so women very appreciated it. The vapor stimulates blood flow and cleaning the skin, opening pores, removes dead layers of the skin and leaves the skin soft, clean and silky.

It can be effective for people suffering from disorders of sleep, excessive fatigue, impaired circulation of the skin, dry and cracked skin strained and weakened muscles, and Sensitivity to sudden changes in temperature.

Reduce your stress!

Best of all, it reduces the signs of stress and fatigue and makes your look younger and more beautiful. It helps to overcome everyday stress, to relax, and improve your overall physical and mental condition. Steam treatment also stimulates the cardiovascular system.

Improves circulation, but does not raise blood pressure due to the heat expands the veins in the skin and allows faster blood flow. As a complement, elevated temperature reduces the growth of most bacteria and viruses, giving the immune system time to rebuild their forces.

Make your immune system better

As an additional activity, steam bath with its moist heat is particularly recommended for the elimination of the following conditions: asthma, bronchitis, cough, snore, cough, the non-acute rheumatic pain and limited movement of the joints and the sick.

Artificially elevated temperature caused by a steam bath stimulates the immune system by raising the number of white blood cells in the body as well as increased production of antibodies. Also, by accelerating blood circulation and removes impurities released vital nutrients which stimulate the activity and the development of red blood cells.

How to use the steam shower?

  • The Steam shower operates most efficiently at a temperature between 43ºC and 46ºC and humidity is above 100%. These temperatures are not only perceived as the most comfortable, but also as the most beneficial. If the maximum temperature increased by only a few degrees (2º- 3 ° C), the environment will be too hot, so be careful. A good tankless water heater is required.
  • Proper treatment lasts between 10 to 20 minutes, followed by a shower with lukewarm to cold water, so the body can be stimulated.
  • Take a shower before using the steam bath – spend time adapted to your sensitivity and do not exceed 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Refresh on the cold air and water, but without the stress to the body (avoid shaking), and if you have cold feet, treat them with warm water.
  • Do not spend more than 2-3 periods in the steam bath. In the case of combined units of saunas and steam bath, you can freely switch from one to the other. The key is to cool after each session.

Warning: Never start the next treatment if your body is still warm (or worse, still hot) and never cross from one species of the bathroom to another if is your body not cooled. If you do, there is a danger of overloading the circulation. If the body after the steam bath is not properly cooled, even swimming in the heated pool could be physically dangerous as well as after using the sauna.

Get rid of the bad stuff from your body!

Through the sweating, your body will get rid of the toxins. During the standard daily activities, you are getting in touch with lots of sources of the toxins, and that is one more reason to use the steam shower.

In combination with healthy food, physical activity, lots of sleep and less of the stress, using the shower steam treatment occasionally can really increase the quality of your health, and life in generally.




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