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For those of you who actually miss seeing pictures on my blog…I just ordered a camera last night. So, I’ll be able to take pictures again in the very near future. Trust me, I can’t wait to show you in pictures all of the things that I try like crazy to describe to you. Pictures say a thousand words, and since I’m not talented enough to paint a picture with my words I’ll be rejoicing to share pictures.

Zeva is getting bolder with her walking. She literally made it across our over half of our livingroom last night. She hasn’t conquered getting up on her own yet, but it’s definitely not due to lack of trying.

We got to take the boys to our annual fall festival at the church right by our house. They went as ninja’s, and I was wishing like crazy I had a camera to share how awesome they looked. Maybe we’ll be blessed to have the camera by the end of the week since we have lots of events coming up next week. Jimmy has his 9th birthday, we’re hosting a party of an amazing product that I get to share with you all, I have products to take pictures of and give you reviews/giveaways for, book reviews, and lots of great Christmas ideas to share with you all. So, I’m truly excited and hope you’ll enjoy them all as well.

We have lots of school work to make up for this week, but I’m confident we’ll get it all done. The boys can work hard and fast when they motivation. It seems that when they are under pressure, they learn with a passion and it actually sticks with them far better. I don’t understand how they picked that up from both of us (Del and I are guilty of that as well.)

Well, I will be sharing so much more over the next couple of weeks to come. I’m going to do my utter best to keep it organized and interesting for you all.

What are you looking forward to the most in the up coming months??




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